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Lezyne Classic Chain Whip

Lezyne Classic Chain Whip
Compatibility3/32" chains
Lezyne Classic Chain Whip Classic Chain Whip $28.00  1 Remaining


The varnished wood handle of Lezyne’s Classic Chain Rod makes for a chain whip that is a pleasure to use. The craftsmanship of this tool makes it equally at home on a mechanic’s bench as in the tool hall of fame. The chain whip’s head is made of stamped, CNC-machined, heat treated steel, sporting a custom replaceable Lezyne chain, as well as an integrated lockring tool. Certainly this tool’s endurance will far outlast all the cassette removals, or fixed gear cog installations you can throw at it.

If you’re interested in a chain whip that takes durability to a whole nother level, check out the Classic Chain Rod’s bigger brother, the CNC Chain Rod.