Lezyne 3-Way Wrench


The three-way wrench is undoubtedly one of the most ubiquitous and indispensable tools for bicycle mechanics.  While the 3-way design is nothing new, Lezyne’s take on this classic bike tool is well thought out and offers some very unique features.  The durable, hardened CNC machined steel body found on the Lezyne tool differentiates itself from other 3-way wrench bodies with its two-piece design.  This design feature allows servicing of the tool; the two-piece body can be easily separated by means of removing three bolts, allowing access to each individual bit and the ability to independently replace these bits when they become worn out.  In fact, this tool includes three spare bits identical to it's original, pre-installed bits.  These heavy duty CRV+ anti-corrosion steel bits are manufactured to last by way of a drawing and forging process.  The high-quality of the bits means longer intervals before needing replacement, and when that time does come, you’ll already be covered by the included spares.  This Lezyne three-way wrench features hex bits in the most commonly used 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm sizes.  While there are many three-way wrenches available, few are as well-made and nicely finished as the Lezyne, and even fewer feature the same level of serviceability. 

Materialchrome vanadium steel(bits), steel (chassis)
Configuration4/5/6 Hex Bits
Weight386 grams
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