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Kowa Spoke Cutter

Kowa Spoke Cutter
Kowa Spoke Cutter
Kowa Spoke Cutter
Kowa Spoke Cutter
Kowa Spoke Cutter
Compatibility13 - 14 gauge
14 - 15 gauge
Spoke Length Range70 - 300+ mm
Thread Die Life10,000 cycles
Kowa Spoke Cutter 1314 gauge $2,500.00 Notify Me When Available
Kowa Spoke Cutter 1415 gauge $2,300.00 Notify Me When Available


With over 40 years in the industry, we understand the professional shop’s need to own exceptional and reliable tools to get the job done right. If you’re a shop that regularly builds custom wheels, then you know how absolutely crucial it is to have the correct spoke length at your disposal. With many manufacturers producing spokes in increments of a few millimeters it immediately becomes obvious that simply rounding your spoke length up or down to accommodate the discrepancy is out of the question. When this starts to become a common problem, the only solution is for the shop to invest in a professional grade spoke cutter. With many options on the market, it’s difficult to pinpoint the best machine that falls within each shops budget. Luckily, we believe we have found the perfect median between price and durability.

The Kowa spoke cutter is a Japanese designed and constructed spoke cutter that has proven itself to easily become the workhorse of the wheel building industry. Modest in price, yet robust in construction, the Kowa is a straightforward machine that uses 2 separate motions to cut, and then thread each spoke. With an easy to read rule that shows precisely what length each spoke is being cut to and a long lever arms, the Kowa is a user friendly machine that takes mere seconds to learn how to use.

Packed with features, the Kowa Spoke Cutter truly is the ideal shop spoke cutter. By simply loosening the black lever the spoke cutter can instantly be converted to cut either 14 or 13 gauge spokes. This on the fly adjustment makes the Kowa Spoke Cutter a game changer for shops who consistently build wheels with many different types and gauges of spoke. Additionally the thread cutting dies themselves are inexpensive to replace, relative to the astronomical price of some other spoke cutters. Lastly, after each spoke is threaded, the discarded ends fall neatly inside of the base of the cutter, making cleanup a breeze.


The Kowa Spoke Cutter comes with detailed instructions, and we highly recommend each shop employee study them before attempting use.


Once your Kowa Spoke Cutter is Ordered, please anticipate an extra week for shipping to allow us to receive your order, have the machine shipped to us, inspected, and then shipped to you.