Kool-Stop Dura2 TripleLite Brake Pads


Kool-Stop has been producing quality friction materials since 1977, originally used in industrial applications they realized cycling was a perfect application for their expertise. After creating the first cycling brake pad with an internal frame their position was cemented. Since their humble beginnings out of a garage in Oregon they have grown to produce some of the best brake pads in the industry. Offering a slew of brake pad compounds and a pad designed for virtually every brake on the market it is easy to see why Kool-Stop is a brand trusted by cyclists of every discipline.

The Kool-Stop Dura2 TripleLite brake pad and holder offer the best in performance and weight. The forged alloy holders have been carved out to reduce weight while maintaining all the necessary features. Dual pivot adjustment allows the brake pad to be precisely aligned in relation to the brake surface. The triple compound brake pad offers riders a premium of all elements sought in a brake system. While having an aggressive bite these pads offer superb stopping power no matter the weather conditions. The Dura2 pads have a 7.65mm contact width with the rim and are thicker for extended pad life. If you are looking for a brake pad that will perform flawlessly in all conditions and provide excellent wear characteristics the Dura2 pad is the choice for you.

Weight30 grams
Pad Contact Width 7.65mm
CompatibilityCurrent Shimano Style Calipers
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