Kmc X9SL 9 Speed Chain

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KMC's X9SL chain is the all-around best-performing, lightest 9 speed chain available. The X9SL is a result of 3 years of development and testing by KMC, in which they radically rethought the chain production process to produce a product unmatched in lightness and strength. In testing, this chain was put through the wringers by cyclists of all disciplines, from road racing to mountain downhill.

The X9SL features hollow inner and outer plates and hollow pins. The pins are riveted using KMC's "Lat Step" process, which seals the outer plates with a massive 350 kilograms of force, making it the strongest chain connection in the industry today. The chain's outer plates are shaped with KMC's X-bridge design, which allows for smoother, more precise shifts. High-precision manufacture tolerances, along with a proprietary X-SP friction-reducing treatment extends chain life.

We highly recommend this chain for its superior shifting performance and long life. Additionally, it is suitable for both road and mountain use, and will perform as well or better than any other chain on the market.

Included is KMC's re-usable "missing link" master link for easy removal and re-installation.

Weight, 116 links265 grams
Dimensions1/2" x 11/128" 116 links
Pin Width6.6 mm
CompatibilityShimano/Sram 9 speed
9 Speed