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KMC Digital Chain Checker

KMC Digital Chain Checker
KMC Digital Chain Checker
KMC Digital Chain Checker
KMC Digital Chain Checker
KMC Digital Chain Checker

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Chain Compatibility8, 9, 10, 11 speed and single speed
BatteryLR44 1.5V
Body Materialhardened stainless steel
Accuracy0.01mm (.0005 in)
KMC Digital Chain Checker Chain Checker $85.00 Notify Me When Available


Accurately measuring your chain's wear and replacing chains at the appropriate time is an important preventative maintenance step which results in longer life of expensive drivetrain components.

Most manufacturers' chain wear indicators use crude mechanical gauges or simple go/no go indicators. But this digital wear indicator from chain manufacturer KMC allows precise and repeatable quantification of chain elongation. This durable stainless steel digital gauge is equipped with a large LCD display, on/off switch, mm/inch unit switch, and zero button. Chain elongation can be measured up to 2.5mm (0.1").

Included is an extra 1.5V battery and a micro screwdriver for removal of the battery cover. Along with the Digital Chain Checker, these are housed in a durable, foam filled plastic case. This tool is protected from defects in materials and manufacturing by a 1-year warranty.


The KMC Digital Chain Checker operates with a stationary arm and a spring loaded, movable arm. To check chain wear, simply turn on the indicator, press the zero button, and insert tool between four links of the chain. The elongation will be clearly displayed on the unit. New, acceptable, and unacceptable wear levels are printed on the face of the tool for quick wear diagnosis.