Kinlin XR-26T Tubeless Road Disc Rim


Since its inception, Kinlin has been a company that has consistently put out some of the best high-value components in the industry.  Their XR-26T tubeless disc road rims are no exception; utilizing high-tech manufacturing techniques, Kinlin is able to produce a strong, light rim, while simultaneously keeping pricing exceptionally low.  In manufacturing these rims, Kinlin begins with their proprietary KLM41 “Super Alloy” reserved for their high-end products.  KLM41 is a very unique alloy in that it contains niobium (Nb), a material not usually found in aluminum alloys.  With drastically different melting points, aluminum and niobium have traditionally been hard to combine, however Kinlin's unique, proprietary refining process has allowed them to combine the materials into an incredible alloy that offers twice the tensile strength of traditional alloys.  This “super alloy” is then manufactured using the “T10” process, which is more involved and contains more steps than the more commonly used “T6” manufacturing process.  Most notably with the “T10” process, Kinlin adds their patented cold rolling machine to the cold working step, and the rim receives a surface treatment that is not included in the “T6” process.

The design of the XR-26T disc rim is modern and versatile.  Featuring a generous 24mm wide external width (19mm internal), the XR26T disc provides a perfect match for wider road tires as well as gravel tires.  A wide rim such as this increases the internal air volume of a standard road tire, while also allowing the use of wider tires like those used in cyclocross or gravel road races.  Benefits of the increased tire air volume include the ability to run lower pressures, which reduces road chatter, increases rider comfort, and decreases rolling resistance.  The 26mm aero cross-section is a perfect depth and shape for a versatile, do-it-all rim; it climbs well, is great in crosswinds, but also deep and aerodynamic enough to provide advantages when putting out the power.  Tubeless compatibility further compliments this design, allowing for even lower tire pressures without the risk of pinch flats.  Sealant used with a tubeless tire will also reduce the likelihood of flats from minor punctures. This disc-specific brake version (not compatible with rim brake set-ups) is available in 20, 24, and 28 hole counts and features a sharp, non-machined black sidewall. Kinlin also offers a rim brake version available here.


Weight455 grams
External Width24.0 mm
Internal Width19.0 mm
Depth26.0 mm
MaterialKLM41/T10 aluminum
FinishMatte black
Spoke Hole Counts24, 28 hole
Tubeless Rims
Road Disc