Kcnc WB1 TT Aero Brake Levers


KCNC's slim-profiled time trial brake levers offer up the opportunity to simultaneously cheat the wind and knock some weight off your favorite "go fast" bicycle. In fact, these full aluminum levers rival the weight of just about every carbon fiber lever set on the market. KCNC's lever shape is elegantly CNC machined with an aerodynamic front section that transitions to a wide two finger perch for confident speed control. Unlike many other TT brake levers, the WB1 uses a standard road cable that is insterted directly through the front of the lever for hassle-free maintenance.


Handlebar compatibility should be checked before ordering these brake levers. While the WB1 levers feature a wide range of adjustment, we highly recommend measuring the inner diameter of your base bars to ensure proper fit. Additionally, these levers are designed for internally routed housing which requires handlebars to have a housing exit point near the stem clamp.


KCNC WB1 brake levers feature a simple design that allows for quick and easy installation. First, size the brake housing to proper length before mounting the levers. With the housing fitted into the exapander plug, carefully insert the lever assembly into the base bar, actuate the lever, and fully tighten the expander with a 4 mm hex wrench. The cable is then easily inserted through the front of the lever.

Material 7075 Aluminum
Weight 70 Grams Per Pair
Expander Adjustment Range 18.0 mm - 22.0 mm
Brake Cable Compatibility Road
Brake Levers