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KCNC V-Brake Pad Holders

KCNC V-Brake Pad Holders
KCNC V-Brake Pad Holders
V-Brake Pad Holder Specifications
Weight 33 grams
Cartridge Brake Shoe Set 72mm
Construction M7 scandium alloy Bolts
Compatibility XT, XTR, KCNC V6, Extralite Ultra Brake, and most major V-brakes
KCNC V-Brake Pad Holders Pad Holders $33.00 Notify Me When Available

V-Brake Pad Holders Details

KCNC's V-brake pad holders are a simple and elegant replacement or lightweight upgrade for your brakes. The minimal skeleton is ultra light and comes with a scandium bolt and nut. The bolt interface with the pad holder is adjustable in all planes and really makes installation simple.