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KCNC Titanium DLC Pulley Wheel

KCNC Titanium DLC Pulley Wheel
KCNC Titanium DLC Pulley Wheel
KCNC Titanium DLC Pulley Wheel
KCNC Titanium DLC Pulley Wheel

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KCNC Ceramic Pulley Specifications
CompatibilityShimano, Sram, Campagnolo
Weight (without bolt) 8.2 grams / set
Tooth Count 11
Pulley Material DLC coated 6/4titanium
Bearing 689, full ceramic
KCNC Titanium DLC Pulley Wheel Ti DLC Pulley $150.00 Notify Me When Available

KCNC Full Ceramic Derailleur Pulley Details

KCNC gets ridiculous with this ultra high end titanium pulley wheel. Adapted from their standard aluminum pulley design, the stronger titanium material is machined extra thin for maximum weight savings and coated with an exotic, ultra smooth and durable diamond-like coating. KCNC didn't stop there, though; at the heart of this pulley is a full ceramic bearing. The use of a full ceramic bearing ensures low drag and maximum drivetrain efficiency, as pulley wheels can spin at more than six hundred revolutions per minute!

This pulley wheel features the same integral float as KCNC's aluminum pulleys for the best shifting performance possible in an aftermarket pulley.


Included in each purchase is a single 11 tooth pulley wheel and a red anodized pulley bolt.


Compatible derailleurs include all current Shimano and Campagnolo derailleurs. Sram's derailleurs are partially compatible; the upper pulley must be manually centered and mounted with the derailleur's stock pulley bolt. The supplied pulley bolt requires a 2.5 mm hex wrench for installation.