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KCNC Rotor by Ashima

KCNC Rotor by Ashima
KCNC Rotor by Ashima
Weight130 grams
MaterialStainless Steel
KCNC Rotor by Ashima 203mm (8 inch) $25.00
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KCNC disc brake rotors, manufactured by Ashima, are designed to be lightweight, yet durable. Other manufacturers will integrate materials such as titanium and carbon fiber into their rotor designs to save weight, at the expense of reliability, wear life and overall performance. While Ashima's rotors are manufactured from a durable variety of stainless steel designed specifically for disc brakes; the weight savings comes from aggressive (and stylistic) machining. The enlarged cut-outs in the rotor act as vents which aid in heat dissipation. The surfaces are double ground to keep both sides of the rotor completely parallel and true. No special pads are required for use with these rotors.