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KCNC Removable Core Valve Extender

KCNC Removable Core Valve Extender

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Weight6.7 grams, pair
Valve CompatibilityPresta - Removable Core Tubes / Tubulars
KCNC Removable Core Valve Extender 52mm, Black $12.00  1 Remaining
KCNC Removable Core Valve Extender 52mm, Red $12.00 Notify Me When Available


KCNC's lightweight valve extenders are perfect for setting up your deep section carbon rims. Depending on what innertube or tubular tire you're using you might find that you need a valve extender with a removable core. Vittoria tubulars and innertubes and Vredestein products like their Latex Tube and Tri Comp Tubular require removable core valve extenders.


Before installing KCNC valve extenders, remove the valve core from your tube. The KCNC extenders come with their own. Keep the spare in your saddlebag just in case. We also recommend wrapping Teflon tape on the threads of both the inner tube and the valve core for increased life and a greater seal.