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KCNC PF30 Bottom Bracket

KCNC PF30 Bottom Bracket
KCNC PF30 Bottom Bracket
KCNC PF30 Bottom Bracket
KCNC PF30 Bottom Bracket
KCNC PF30 Bottom Bracket
Weight (BB only)98 grams
MaterialShell: 6061 AL
Bearings: Stainless
CompatibilityPF30 shell
Inner Diameter30 mm
Recommended UseRoad/Mountain
KCNC PF30 Bottom Bracket PF30 Bottom Bracket $53.00 In Stock


KCNC, a reputable manufacturer of aftermarket options for the discerning cyclist provides solid replacement parts for nearly every application on the bike. With many frame manufacturers quickly switching to press fit bottom bracket standards, desire for an aftermarket replacement option for worn, or sub-par OEM bottom brackets is becoming a necessity for the cycling world. The PF30 bottom bracket by KCNC is compatible with either 68 or 73 mm shell widths, making it a fantastic option for both road and mountain applications. Utilizing two 6806 bearings installed in a sturdy CNC machined 6061 aluminum shell, the KCNC PF30 BB ensures a longer service life than other plastic shell bottom brackets. In an effort to minimize bottom bracket noise, KCNC have employed the use of multiple O-rings that sit between the bottom bracket and frame to eliminate any movement as a result of a worn or poorly surfaced bottom bracket shell.


It is highly recommended you have your KCNC PF30 bottom bracket installed by a professional bike shop that uses a proper bearing press. In the absence of a press, the Park Tools HHP-2 can be used.