Kcnc Mountain Chain Catcher

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KCNC's mountain chain catcher is designed to deflect over shifted chains to prevent them from dropping onto the bottom bracket, an increasing concern as the popularity of double chainring cranksets increases in the mountain bike market. The function of this device serves the dual purposes of protecting the frame and preventing ride disruptions. This lightweight, machined aluminum chain catcher features two pieces; a 2.5 mm spacer, and the actual chain catcher which can be rotated around the spacer for optimal placement.

Installation / Sizing

Each chain catcher fits a range of inner ring tooth sizes. Make sure that your smallest ring falls within the range of the chain catcher you are purchasing. The KCNC chain catcher replaces a standard 2.5 mm bottom bracket spacer, such as those that are used with Shimano, KCNC, and other modern cranksets. It is not compatible with cranksets that do not use these spacers, and should be installed between the frame and drive side bottom bracket cup.

Weight 23 grams
Material 7075 aluminum
Compatibility Shimano cranksets
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