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KCNC Knife Titanium Pedals

KCNC Knife Titanium Pedals
KCNC Knife Titanium Pedals
KCNC Knife Titanium Pedals
KCNC Knife Titanium Pedals
KCNC Knife Titanium Pedals

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Weight140 g / pair
Pedal Body Material7075 Aluminum
Spindle Material6/4 Titanium
KCNC Knife Titanium Pedals Black $215.00 In Stock
KCNC Knife Titanium Pedals Gold $215.00 Notify Me When Available
KCNC Knife Titanium Pedals Red $215.00 Notify Me When Available


The Knife, KCNC's micro platform pedal, may not be for everyone, but it's impressive nonetheless. A pair of these may find themselves as well suited to a micro mini BMX bike as to a high-end road commuter bike, or as a solution for riders who shun the clipless status quo. At a mere 60 mm long by 50 mm wide, this platform pedal is inherently light weight, but just large enough to provide a stable perch for the ball of your foot. Replaceable semi sharp steel pins help provide grip and inspire confidence. Internally, a needle bearing and standard sealed cartridge bearing share the work of keeping the pedal spinning smooth. Additional seals are installed on either end of the pedal body to keep the dirt and moisture out. The 7075 aluminum pedal body is cleverly and attractively machined to form KCNC's signature "K" logo. Finish anodizing is available in bright gold or glossy black.

This titanium-spindled version of the Knife pedal is particularly light, weighing in at a mere 70 grams per pedal. The spindle is given a very special DLC (diamond-like carbon) coating to improve wear life and reduce friction against the pedal's needle bearing. This treatment gives the titanium surface an ultra-glossy, near black finish.

Includes a tool for installation and removal of steel pins.