Kcnc Flat/Post Disc Brake Adapter


With the introduction of new standards comes the inevitable compatibility issues with previous generation components. The newest flat mount road disc brake standard allows for cleaner and more secure mounting of the brake caliper. Many new frames and forks are now coming with these new mounts, but for riders with older style post mount calipers, brake fitting can become a hassle. Kcnc now offers disc adapters to fit your post calipers to flat mount frames. Available in both front and rear in 140mm and 160mm, these adapters also allow for your choice of rotor size if larger diameters are desired. CNC machined from aluminum and anodized for durability, these adapters come with all the necessary mounting hardware.

Frame CompatibilityFlat Mount Disc Brake
Caliper Compatibility Post Mount Caliper
Adapter Material6061 Aluminum
Bolt MaterialStainless Steel
Front 140mm44.2 grams
Front 160mm53.1 grams
Rear 140mm37.4 grams
Rear 160mm41.5 grams