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KCNC C7 Road Brake Set

KCNC C7 Road Brake Set
KCNC C7 Road Brake Set
KCNC C7 Road Brake Set
KCNC C7 Road Brake Set
Material Machined 7075 Aluminum
Weight 160 grams per pair*
Pad Reach 40-55 mm
Max Rim Width27 mm
Brake Pads Swiss Stop Flash Pro GHPII
Color Options Black, Red, Gold, Silver
*Including pads and holders
KCNC C7 Road Brake Set Gold $330.00
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KCNC C7 Road Brake Set Silver $330.00
You Save: $165.00 
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The C7 road brake caliper set from KCNC is a stiffer, more powerful version of their popular, lightweight, and price competitive CB1 brake set. Added design features and changes from the CB1 model have substantially increased performance, yet resulted in a negligible weight increase.

The C7 uses a unique symmetric dual pivot design with incorporated roller bearing guide pins. This guide pin design represents the most substantial improvement over the CB1, which utilizes a single pin with no bearing. Additionally, the left pivot arm has increased in size and stiffness, and the release lever now has a larger platform for easier use.

KCNC C7 brakes now include Swiss Stop's high performance GHPII brake pads for the best possible balance between wear life, modulation, and stopping power.


To properly install the C7 brake set, cable and housing cutters, as well as 3 mm and 4 mm hex wrenches, are required. KCNC provides five different length mounting nuts for maximum frame and fork compatibility. Detailed installation instructions are provided with purchase. We recommend that these brakes be installed by an experienced mechanic.