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HSC Full Ceramic Bearing

HSC Full Ceramic Bearing
HSC Full Ceramic Bearing
Races ABEC 5 ZrO2 Zirconia
Balls Si3N4 Silicon Nitride, grade 3
Cage Injection molded polyamide
Seals Dual lip labrinth, rubber
Bearing Dimensions
Bearing ID OD Width Weight
6801 12 mm 21 mm 5 mm 4.3 grams
6802 15 mm 24 mm 5 mm 5.1 grams
6803 17 mm 26 mm 5 mm 5.7 grams
6804 20 mm 32 mm 7 mm 13.1 grams
6806 30 mm 42 mm 7 mm 17.8 grams
6902 15 mm 28 mm 7 mm 10.7 grams
HSC Full Ceramic Bearing 6806 $120.00 In Stock

Full Ceramic Bearing Details

HSC's line of full ceramic cartridge bearings represent the leading edge of bearing technology in the cycling industry. One step ahead of the traditional hybrid ceramic which uses hardened steel races, these full ceramic bearings incorporate ABEC 5 Zirconia inner and outer races. The balls are manufactured from Silicon Nitride to a sphericity of grade 3, the highest standard available for cyclists. There is absolutely no steel on the bearing contact surfaces, so both balls and races are of similar hardness and will not push into each other. These cartridges are prepacked with a light, high-quality grease and fitted with dual lip labyrinth seals to ensure the highest, longest-lasting performance possible.

We recommend installation be performed by an experienced mechanic with a professional quality bearing press. Improper installation will negate the performance advantages of ceramic bearings, and significantly reduce their wear life.