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H Plus Son Archetype Rims

H Plus Son Archetype Rims
H Plus Son Archetype Rims
H Plus Son Archetype Rims
H Plus Son Archetype Rims
H Plus Son Archetype Rims
Archetype Specifications
Weight480 grams
Width23 mm
Depth25 mm
MaterialG609 Aluminum Alloy
FinishHard Anodized
Available Drillings20, 24, 28, 32 hole
Tire CompatibilityClincher, 700c (ISO 622)
ERD593 mm
H Plus Son Archetype Rims 20 Hole, Black $90.00  1 Remaining
H Plus Son Archetype Rims 24 Hole, Black $90.00 Notify Me When Available
H Plus Son Archetype Rims 28 Hole, Black $90.00  1 Remaining
H Plus Son Archetype Rims 32 Hole, Black $90.00  1 Remaining


H Plus Son has seized upon the current trend of wider road rims, creating several of their own unique iterations. The Archetype, perhaps ironically named, possesses a unique shape and a few defining features that set it apart from other more drab offerings within the rim sector. As with other 23 mm wide rims, the Archetype will slightly alter the profile of a standard 700x23 road tire, creating a more round shape which improves cornering performance while decreasing rolling resistance. While not the lightest offering in its class, the Archetype strikes and excellent balance between weight and durability.

The Archetype’s sharply defined V shape is aggressive in its styling, while creating a tall cross section for added strength and stiffness. This version is treated with an olive-hued hard anodization following the sidewall machine work, yielding a dark and stealthy look that pairs well with most current frame paint schemes. The added black decals are suitably minimalist.

Beyond these obvious features, there are two that really make the Archetype special. Firstly, the rim seam joined by flash welding, a process which creates a very clean joint with no added filler and no extra weight. Secondly, to reduce stress on the spokes and increase spoke fatigue life, the rim holes are drilled at a slight angle, allowing the spoke to run in a straight line.

An informative video on how each rim is manufactured is available here.


We recommend that wheels built with H Plus Son rims be assembled by an experienced wheel builder. We are happy to provide this service, and can provide helpful suggestions in hub and spoke selections. Please contact us directly or submit a custom wheel build request here.