FSE SL Carbon Clincher Rims


Filament Spun Evolution, a next-generation carbon rim manufacturer, uses a precise and efficient computer-controlled manufacturing system to create rims that are stronger, stiffer, lighter, and less expensive than similar rims from other manufacturers. Traditional rim manufacturing methods are highly labor intensive, resulting in increased production costs and potential for defects which can greatly affect rim performance and longevity. Backed by over 5 years of research and development, FSE's proprietary manufacturing and quality control processes ensure consistent, near-perfect production over their entire impressive rim catalog. 

Industry wide, the weak point of traditional carbon clincher rims has nearly always been in the braking surface. Heavy braking on long descents will quickly soften the resin that holds the fibers together, often resulting in dangerous, catastrophic failure. Through partnerships with university research departments, chemical corporations, and research institutes, FSE was able to develop a new, high thermal glass point resin that is stable past 240 degrees Celsius. Additionally, FSE's precisely-controlled production process evenly applies this resin to each carbon strand to ensure a lightweight, void-free carbon cross-section. Beyond their own internal testing, FSE rims are UCI tested and approved for the highest levels of competition.

The FSE SL rim only comes in a 25mm depth, the weight savings comes from a slightly narrower rim width of 23.2mm, unlike other FSE Clincher rims that are 25+mm wide . These rims are finished with black die-cut logos, while all the deeper rims are manufactured with permanent "ghosted" logos.

Custom Wheel Builds

While we offer stock builds with FSE rims (such as this FSE/Carbon-Ti wheelset), our professional wheel builders are happy to advise on the best possible combination of rims, hubs, and spokes for a cyclist's individual needs. Please contact us directly for custom wheel quotes.

WeightInternal WidthExternal WidthERD
380 grams16.25 mm23.2 mm590 mm
Tire Compatibility700c clincher (ISO 622)
Recommended Tire Width23-28c
Materialcarbon fiber
Finish3K matte
Brake Compatibilityrim brake
Recommended Brake PadsSwissStop Black Prince
Rider Weight Limit230 lbs (105 kg)
Clincher Rims
3K Matte