FSE G28/32X Lightweight Gravel Carbon Rims


Filament Spun Evolution, a next-generation carbon rim manufacturer, uses a precise and efficient computer-controlled manufacturing system to create rims that are stronger, stiffer, lighter, and less expensive than similar rims from other manufacturers. Traditional rim manufacturing methods are highly labor intensive, resulting in increased production costs and potential for defects which can greatly affect rim performance and longevity. Backed by over 5 years of research and development, FSE's proprietary manufacturing and quality control processes ensure consistent, near-perfect production over their entire impressive rim catalog. FSE's precisely-controlled production process evenly applies resin to each carbon strand to ensure a lightweight, void-free carbon cross-section. Beyond their own internal testing, FSE rims are UCI tested and approved for the highest levels of competition.

FSE manufactures gravel rims in two profiles; the aerodynamic G40/30X version, and these G32/28X lightweight rims. At under 350 grams, these are just about the lightest weight gravel rims available by any manufacturer. Best of all, FSE's design is completely modern, with no compromise to achieve such a low weight. Firstly, these rims feature ample width to fit a wide range of tires so that your choice of tire size is limited by frame clearance and not rim dimensions. Additional design elements include a high-strength hookless bead and dual bead lock channels to ensure tire security, even if you're running super low cyclocross-friendly pressures.

Please note that FSE Gravel rims are designed for use with disc brakes, and are not compatible with rim brakes.

Custom Wheel Builds

FSE Gravel rims are designed for use with standard external spoke nipples. FSE rims do not include rim tape or tubeless valves; these must be purchased separately. 27-29mm wide tubeless tape and ~48mm long tubeless valves are recommended, 

Our professional wheel builders are happy to advise on the best possible combination of rims, hubs, and spokes for a cyclist's individual needs. Please contact us directly for custom wheel quotes.

Weight345 grams
External Width32 mm
Internal Width27 mm
Depth28 mm
ERD587 mm
Tire CompatibilityISO 622, tubeless compatible
Recommended Tire Width32-48 mm
Materialcarbon fiber
Finish3k matte
Brake Compatibilitydisc brake only
Tubeless Rims
3K Matte