FSE / Carbon-Ti X-Hub Tubeless Wheelsets


It used to be that the saying "Light, Durable, Affordable... pick two" when talking about carbon wheels had some truth to it. Today there are several options on the market that break that stigma. With carbon rim availability progressing rapidly, it's refreshing to see companies looking outside the conventional mold when developing their product line. When we heard about the new FSE rims we knew they would be a hit, and being a nearly 1200 gram carbon clincher wheelset that comes in at under $1500 we foresee them flying off the shelves. We knew if we paired these rims with some Carbon-Ti hubs and Sapim spokes we would have a winning combination that everyone can love. Available in three different rim depths and your choice of drivetrain compatibility, we think these wheels will be the proverbial "Holy Grail" of carbon wheels.

FSE Carbon Tubeless Rims

With carbon fiber production in such high demand, it is surprising that the manufacturing procedure has changed so little over the years. This is where FSE is breaking the mold so to speak. Implementing a new (to cycling components) manufacturing process, FSE is turning out some of the most impressive carbon rims we have seen lately. The Filament Spin Evolution manufacturing process employs spinning resin-impregnated-fibers around a mandrel instead of the traditional layer and mold technique. This translates to a rim that has far less excess material, both in fibers and resin; which means lighter, without compromising structural integrity. Superior strength to weight, stiffer construction, and elimination of voids, are all benefits from FSE's process, when compared with a traditional hand layup technique. The technology doesn't just appear in the weaving process though. By using a laser treatment on the braking surface, and the highest thermal stability resin in the industry, these rims offer riders who like to climb and descend an option that will give more control and confidence. By improving the manufacturing process, FSE has begun to upend the Carbon rim game. We can't wait to see what they come up with next, and what components they will improve with their carbon weaving technique to. Basically the CNC process for carbon fiber this method shows incredible promise for revolutionizing the way we manufacture carbon fiber. 

Carbon-Ti X-Hub SP Hubs

Carbon-Ti has built themselves a reputation for their well designed, expertly crafted, and meticulously finished products. Attractive, lightweight, and durable, the X-Hub SP hubs have become one of our favorites to build high end wheels with. Using 7075-T6 aluminum to house the high quality steel cartridge bearings, the user-friendly bearing preload design makes sure the hubs will roll smoothly and can be adjusted on the fly. The four pawl, 28 point engagement freehub mechanism is built for longevity, and is available in either Sram/Shimano 11-speed or Campagnolo cassette splines. At a combined weight of 220 grams, these hubs may not be the lightest on the market, but their performance far surpasses many lighter options available. 

Sapim CX-Ray / CX-Sprint SP Spokes

Sapim CX-Rays have been our first choice in spoke for high end custom wheels for several reasons. They have an excellent reputation when it comes to longevity, are some of the lightest available without compromises on affordability or fatigue life, have an incredibly stringent quality control process, and a notably long fatigue life. As a straight-pull spoke, the CX-Ray SP is less prone to the premature fatigue failures often seen in classic J-bend spokes, and gives the wheel a unique look that we find quite appealing. On the Drive side of the rear wheel we opted for CX-Sprint spokes for their strength benefits with minimal weight penalty. We selected sleek black spokes because they pair so well with the black hub and understated FSE decals. 

While these wheels look wonderful, we wanted to produce a wheelset that would perform with flying colors under varying riding conditions. Try out a set today and see why we are so delighted with this newcomer to the market. Impressive performance, sleek looks, superb weight. The icing on top of this carbon fiber cake, a price that puts these wheels far ahead of any competition.

Custom Wheels

If you're looking for a custom version of this wheelset or want to discuss if this is the right set of wheels for you we are happy to talk. Please contact us directly (Phone: (520) 624-3045, Email: feedback@fairwheelbikes.com) or contact us via email on this form.

Finish3k Carbon Weave
Tire Compatibility700c clincher
Hub Options Carbon-Ti X-Hub Road SP Front
Carbon-Ti X-Hub Road SP Rear
Spoke Options CX-Ray
CX-Sprint (Rear Drive Side)
Wheel Set Weight
Maximum Recommended Rider Weights
32mm200 lbs (90 kg)
46mm220 lbs (100 kg)
58mm220 lbs (100 kg)
Rim Weight
Carbon Clincher Wheelsets
Carbon Tubeless Wheelsets
Gloss Black
Matte Black
3K Matte
Freehub Body:
Shimano Road
Freehub Body: