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Fortezza Tricomp Clincher

Fortezza Tricomp Clincher
Type Clincher
Weight 228g (+/- 3g)
TPI 120
Min Pressure 116 PSI (8 bar)
Max Pressure 175 PSI (12 bar)
Fortezza Tricomp Clincher 23C, White / Black $60.00
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The Tricomp is one of Vredestein's folding clincher race tires. Vredestein, based in the Netherlands has been making tires for racers and touring cyclists alike, using the veritable range of weather to improve on all condition traction and wear. The TriComp's Control System® increases cornering control in the both dry and wet weather. Two different rubber compounds are use in the tire. A denser one with less rolling resistance in the center with a softer compound on the sides for cornering confidence. The Sportex Protection Layer® offers a small amount of flat protection appropriate for a racing clincher.

The TriComp being only seconded by the TriComp Slick is designed with a bit more flat protection and longevity in mind. If you want a lighter tire with more cornering traction and a higher TPI the TriComp Slick might be right for you.