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Feedback Sports Velo Cache

Feedback Sports Velo Cache
Feedback Sports Velo Cache

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Height83" (2108 mm)
Base Width23" x 32.5" (580mm x 830 mm)
Load Capacity40 lbs per cradle set
Feedback Sports Velo Cache Velo Cache, Black $154.99  1 Remaining


Vertically stiff, laterally easy to move, this freestanding bike rack by Feedback Sports is a simple and convenient way to save space by storing your bike collection vertically, instead of piling them all together in your living room. Coming stock with 2 cradle arms, a 4 bike expansion kit is available from Feedback Sports just in case like us, you have more than just a few bikes. Each cradle set is capable of supporting up to 40 lbs, so you should have no problem storing your diverse fleet.