Fairwheel Anti-Gravity Road Wheelset - FSE/Extralite


It used to be that the saying "Light, Durable, Affordable... pick two" when talking about carbon wheels had some truth to it. Today there are several options on the market that break that stigma. With carbon rim availability progressing rapidly, it's refreshing to see companies looking outside the conventional mold when developing their product line. When we heard about the new FSE rims we knew they would be a hit, and being a sub-1100 gram carbon clincher or sub-900 tubular wheelset that comes in at under $2000 we foresee them flying off the shelves. We knew if we paired these rims with Extralite's superlight CyberHubs and Pillar titanium spokes we would have one of the lightest possible wheel builds. 

FSE Carbon Rims

With the high demand of carbon fiber production, it is astonishing that the manufacturing procedure has changed very little over the years. FSE is innovative, implementing a new fabrication process, FSE is turning out some of the most superb carbon rims on the market. The Filament Spin Evolution manufacturing process employs spinning resin-impregnated-fibers around a mandrel instead of the traditional layer and mold technique. This creates a rim that has much less excess material, both in fibers and resin; which means lighter, without compromising structural integrity. Superior strength to weight, stiffer construction, and elimination of voids, are all benefits from FSE's process, when compared with a traditional hand layup technique. The technology doesn't just appear in the weaving process though. By using a laser treatment on the braking surface, and the highest thermal stability resin in the industry, these rims offer riders who like to climb and descend an option that will give more control and confidence. By improving the manufacturing process, FSE has begun to upend the Carbon rim game. We can't wait to see what they come up with next, and what components they will improve with their carbon weaving technique to. Basically the CNC process for carbon fiber this method shows incredible promise for revolutionizing the way we manufacture carbon fiber. 

The Anti-Gravity wheelset is available in two rim options: choose clinchers for wheels that are lighweight and convenient, or choose tubulars for the best possible performance and lowest possible weight. Tubular rims will require tubular tires that are secured to the rim with glue or tape.

Extralite SP CyberHubs

Known for creating some of the absolute lightest components in the high end cycling market, Extralite is a company constantly refining and perfecting their designs. With a penchant for creating quality race ready parts for every elite build, Extralite has carved a name for themselves through years of relentless research and development. Through the CyberRear SP this process becomes evident.

The general shape of the CyberFront SP has been crafted to utilize a wider spoke bracing angle, making each wheel noticeably more rigid and predictable, while remaining aesthetically pleasing. Additionally designed to withstand the stress of radial spoke lacing, each flange is specially heat treated to ensure hub longevity. As a final touch, the axle end caps are hard anodized in an attempt to withstand wear from your bike’s dropouts.

At first glance, the CyberRear SP closely resembles its predecessor, the UltraRear SPX in almost every way. Upon closer inspection, the CyberRear SP is in fact packed with a slew of hard to see upgrades that add up to a sizeable difference. First and foremost is the replacement of the sensitive bushing in the freehub body for a more smooth and durable cartridge bearing, significantly extending hub longevity. Additionally equipped with a tool free micro adjuster, the CyberRear Sp allows for quick and easy regulation of bearing preload, ensuring a smooth and problem free ride. As always, the CyberRear SP is among the absolute lightest hubs available, making it an ideal choice for climbing wheelsets, or gram conscious riders.

Pillar X-Tra Lite Titanium Straight-Pull Spokes

Pillar's X-TRA Lite Ti spoke series challenges their lightweight rivals with a spoke that is nearly 50% lighter than a standard lightweight butted spoke, and at about a gram lighter per spoke than even the lightest stainless steel alternative. At a mere 2.6 grams each, these titanium spokes allow substantial weight savings on a complete wheelset, and are a great option for climbing-specific road wheelsets and cross-country mountain wheelsets alike. The X-TRA Lite Ti is manufactured from 13 gauge wire, rather than the thinner 14 or 15 gauge common in non-titanium spokes. This thicker gauge improves the overall strength, stiffness, and fatigue life to significantly enhance the performance of these titanium spokes to a level far beyond what has been previously accepted from this exotic material. We selected sleek black spokes because they pair so well with the black hub and understated FSE decals. 

Custom Wheels

If you're considering other options of a customized version of this wheelset or want to discuss if this is the right set of wheels for you we are happy to talk. Please contact us directly (Phone: (520) 624-3045, Email: feedback@fairwheelbikes.com) or contact us via email on this form.



WheelsetTire CompatibilityFreehub Body OptionsAxle CompatibilitySpoke TypeWeight
Clincher700cShimano/SRAM 11 spd RoadQuick ReleaseStraight Pull1092 grams
Clincher700cCampagnoloQuick ReleaseStraight Pull1092 grams
Clincher700cSRAM XDRQuick ReleaseStraight Pull1092 grams
Tubular28" (700c)Shimano/SRAM 11 spd RoadQuick ReleaseStraight Pull880 grams
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