Fair Wheel Symbiote Wheelset


With our new lineup of custom wheels built around the DT-Swiss 350 hub, the Symbiote represents our hand-picked collection of components that we believe add up to arguably the best all-around alloy wheelset available. Our rim of choice, the Easton R90 SL, is the most balanced alloy clincher rim on the market today - practical, yet modern in design and reasonably light weight. Combine that with Sapim’s CX-Ray (our favorite spoke to build with), and you have a wheelset well-suited to heavy training mileage, aggressive criterium racing, steep hill climbs, and everything in between.

Easton R90 SL Rims

For 2016, we chose to replace the Pacenti SL23 with the Easton R90 SL. Perhaps Easton's most well-rounded rim to date, suitable for a plethora of disciplines and conditions, the R90 SL is Easton’s flagship alloy rim. Featuring a 25mm outside diameter and a widened 19.5mm inside diameter, the R90 SL has the ability to accommodate tire sizes ranging from road to cyclocross standards, making it perfect for a variety of builds. Additionally utilizing a 27mm deep cross-section, the R90 SL offers each rider the aerodynamic benefits of wider and deeper rims, while simultaneously shaving grams to keep overall wheelbuild weight to a minimum. Each R90 SL rim is tubeless compatible, featuring a UST-style bead lock for added security, while allowing lower tire pressures for cyclocross and gravel.

DT Swiss 350 Hubs

Easily the most serviceable hub on the market today, the DT 350 elegantly combines price and durability into one solid package. With few moving parts and a bomb proof design, the DT 350 closely resembles its cousin, the DT 240. Destined to last a lifetime, the DT 350 presents itself as an ideal hub choice for nearly all applications.

Sapim CX-Ray Spokes

Far surpassing other spokes of similar design, the Sapim CX-Ray is in a class of its own. With a fatigue life 3 times that of a standard spoke coupled with low weight, an aerodynamic profile, and a 50% higher tensile strength, the CX-Ray is arguably the finest spoke on the market.


The Symbiote wheelset is available in two different configurations; either with 20/28 spoke count and classic J-bend hubs, or 24/28 spoke count with modern straight-pull hubs. Either wheelset has the option for Shimano 11sp or Campagnolo freehub bodies. 

Custom Wheels

If you're looking for a custom version of this wheelset or want to discuss if this is the right set of wheels for you we are happy to talk. Please contact us directly (Phone: (520) 624-3045, Email: feedback@fairwheelbikes.com) or contact us via email on this form.



Front HubDT Swiss 350
Rear HubDT Swiss 350
SpokesSapim CX-Ray
RimsEaston R90 SL
JB Spoke Count20 hole front, 28 hole rear
SP Spoke Count24 hole front, 28 hole rear
Useroad training, road racing
J-Bend1571 grams
Straight Pull1541 grams
Aluminum Clincher Wheelsets
Freehub Body:
Shimano Road
Freehub Body:
Freehub Body: