Fair Wheel Bikes Light Set


For those of us who ride in Tucson, lights become a legal necessity when darkness descends upon us, but regardless of what the law dictates safety should be the top priority of every rider on the road. Whenever riding between the hours when light is plentiful, being noticed by car drivers becomes crucial. Whether commuting or rolling up to the local group ride, these small lights will keep you legal and make you more visible to drivers. Lightweight and low profile, they go unnoticed while riding and offer the perfect solution for the hours before sunrise and after sunset when your visibility rapidly decreases. Choose between blinking and constant light with a single push of the lights face.

Because of their size these lights should not be depended on to see road hazards. If you are riding at night these should not be considered as your sole light source. Being small these lights are extremely convenient: having a set available can be indispensable, but they should not replace your high power head and tail light for extended night riding.

These lights ship with a small plastic spacer between the batteries to prevent accidental activation. Please remove this spacer before using.  

Weight55 grams
BatteryCR2032 (x2)
Mounting Diameter22.2 - 34.9 mm
Light ColorBlack - Front/White
Red - Rear/Red