Extralite Ultrastar 3 Expander

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The Extralite Ultrastar 3 expander plug for threadless headsets is about as light they come. The Ultrastar 3 uses a simple and incredibly secure dual wedge design with a range of adjustments to fit most modern steerer tubes. Extralite's attention to detail is clearly evident, with the latest iteration of the Ultrastar 3 utilizing machined slots in each of the wedge pieces in order to shave as many grams as possible while still making a structurally sound component. A hard anodized coating on the upper and lower wedges helps prevent corrosion from any sweat or rain that may find it's way into the steer tube.

The Ultrastar 3 is 100% designed and manufactured in Italy.


Please accurately measure the inner diameter of your fork's steerer tube before ordering to ensure compatibility.


File the top of the steer-tube to avoid sharp edges. Holding the bottom (red) cone in your hand tighten the Ultrastar 3 until you can slide it into your steer tube with some pressure on the inner walls. Make sure your stem is installed and properly tightened before torquing the ultra star in place, 5-10mm below the lip of the steertube. Finally tighten Ultrastar 3 to 7-8Nm.


As with all expander plugs and carbon fiber steer tubes never install the Ultrastar2 without a stem properly installed. Always remember to tighten stem clamp before riding. (Respect manufacturer reccommended torque). Ultrastar cannot hold a loose stem while riding.

Weight 5.9 grams
Compatible Steerer Tube I.D. 22.8 to 25.2 mm
Material 7075 T6 aluminum
Torque 7-8Nm
Use road, cross country
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Ultrastar 3 Expander Plug Manual