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Extralite UltraRear SLX Hub

Extralite UltraRear SLX Hub
Extralite UltraRear SLX Hub
Extralite UltraRear SLX Hub
Extralite UltraRear SLX Hub

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Weight139 grams
Bearing Size6803 (2), 6903 (1)
Axle Diameter17 mm
Hub Shell Material7075 aluminum
Drive Ring Materialtitanium
Wheel Building Dimensions
Left Flange Diameter32.5 mm
Right Flange Diameter50 mm
For Shimano Freehubs
Center to Left Flange37.7 mm
Center to Right Flange17.8 mm
For Campagnolo Freehubs
Center to Left Flange39.2 mm
Cetner to Right Flange16.5 mm
Product Manuals
SLX Freehub Replacement Instructions
SLX Hub Maintenance
SLX Hub Owners Manual
Extralite UltraRear SLX Hub 20 Hole, Campagnolo $400.00 Notify Me When Available
Extralite UltraRear SLX Hub 24 Hole, Campagnolo $400.00 Notify Me When Available
Extralite UltraRear SLX Hub 24 Hole, Shimano $400.00 Notify Me When Available
Extralite UltraRear SLX Hub UltraRear SLX Ceramic Upgrade $100.00 In Stock


Italian manufacturer Extralite's SLX rear hub is an evolution of their ultra lightweight SX hub series. The minor difference between these two hub designs is the drive side flange. Where the SX uses an unconventional straight pull flange, the SLX incorporates a standard flange designed for J-bend spokes. With a weight penalty of less than 5 grams, this standard flange allows for a wider choice of spokes and simplifies the building process. With its increased cassette clearance, the SLX requires no spacers for use with 11 speed Campagnolo.

The Ultrarear SLX is one of the lightest rear road hubs available, with a design that promises performance on par with much heavier models. A tool-free micro adjuster allows for optimum bearing preload, while the high quality steel cartridge bearings are optimized for low drag.

Extralite's SX, SLX, and SPX hubs utilize interchangeable axle ends for Campagnolo and Shimano compatibility. This allows for the best possible spoke bracing angles for maximum lateral stiffness.

As with all Extralite products, UltraHubs exceed the European UNI/DIN Safety standards. Extralite's safety tests simulate a very strong 90kg (200lb) rider output.

We recommend that Extralite hubs be built by an experienced wheelbuilder. We are happy to provide this service, and can provide helpful suggestions in rim and spoke selections. Please contact us directly or submit a form for a custom wheelbuild here.

Extralite hubs feature carefully designed rubber o-ring seals and lightweight ratcheting mechanisms which require frequent service to ensure long life and maximum performance. This service is easily performed with simple hand tools. An instruction manual for UltraRear 2.0 hubs is provided in the table to the left.

Extralite strongly recommends the use of their Alugrease Super 1 when lubricating the UltraRear's o-rings, bushings, and drive rings.