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Extralite UltraFront SL2 Hub

Extralite UltraFront SL2 Hub
Extralite UltraFront SL2 Hub
Extralite UltraFront SL2 Hub
Weight64 grams
Bearing Size6803
Drilling Options16, 18, 20, 24, 28, 32 hole
Hub Shell Material7075 aluminum
Wheel Building Dimensions
Flange Diameter34 mm
Center to Flange35 mm
Extralite UltraFront SL2 Hub 20 Hole $175.00 Notify Me When Available
Extralite UltraFront SL2 Hub 24 Hole $175.00 In Stock


Extralite's "nothing is mini" front road hub design. Everything is oversized, axle, flanges and bearings. The SL, is their heavy weight hub at 63 grams.

Further features of the UltraFront SL hub:

  • Hub flanges are specially heat treated to handle the stresses of radial spoke lacing. Radial lacing is allowed only heads out.
  • Micro tuner for quick and easy pre-load adjustment.
  • For road use only.
  • 100% made in Italy.

As with all Extralite products, UltraHubs exceed the European UNI/DIN Safety standards. Extralite's safety tests simulate a very strong 90kg (200lb) rider output.


We recommend that Extralite hubs be built by an experienced wheelbuilder. We are happy to provide this service, and can provide helpful suggestions in rim and spoke selections. Please contact us directly or submit a form for a custom wheelbuild here.