Extralite HyperLefty 2 Disc Front Hub


With over twenty years of manufacturing experience, Extralite has built their company on a foundation of unrivaled innovation. Constantly refining each component to the pinnacle of performance, every part in their lineup represents the culmination of countless hours of research, design, and meticulous machine work. Following the evolution of Cannondale’s “System Integration”, Extralite has developed a hub that is compatible with the latest generation Lefty suspension forks. For 2015 and newer Lefty models (and older Lefty Supermax models), Cannondale slightly changed their suspension geometries, making older Lefty hubs incompatible with the current design. With this in mind, Extralite crafted the HyperLefty2 specifically for cyclists looking to build a lightweight aftermarket wheelset. Sculpted from 7075 Aluminum and anodized in a sleek, rich black this hub looks just as good as it performs. True to the Extralite fashion, the HyperLefty2 has been slimmed down to fighting weight while maintaining a stiff and durable platform to build your wheel on. Coming in at a mere 80 grams (24 hole), the HyperLefty 2 is purpose-built to save weight while also being aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Featuring flanges for straight pull spokes to further reduce weight while simultaneously creating a stiffer flange-to-spoke interface, the HyperLefty 2 employs all the tricks available to achieve such an astoundingly low weight. Perfect for cyclists who are looking to up their game with a wheel upgrade. With the best specs in the ultralight category, the Extralite HyperLefty 2 is the ideal choice for a balance of performance and exacting race tolerances.

Weight80 grams
Bearing Size6902 (1), 6805 (1)
Available Drillings24, 28, 32 hole
Hub Shell Material7075tx aluminum
CompatibilityCannondale Lefty 2.0
Front Disc Brake Hubs
Lefty 2.0