Extralite HyperCamber2 Rear Disc Hub

Extralite HyperCamber2 Rear Disc Hub
Extralite HyperCamber2 Rear Disc Hub
Extralite HyperCamber2 Rear Disc Hub
Extralite HyperCamber2 Rear Disc Hub
Extralite HyperCamber2 Rear Disc Hub

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Weight; 142x12, XD188 grams
Weight; 135 QR, Shimano 9/10195 grams
Available Drillings32 hole
Disc MountISO 6-bolt
Bearing Sizes2 x 6803, 2 x 6903
Axle Diameter17mm
Wheel Building Dimensions*
Right Flange Drilling87-94mm
Disc Flange Drilling53.6mm
Center to Right Flange20.5mm
Center to Disc Flange34mm
Max Disc Side Spoke Tension70kgf +/- 10kgf
Max Drive Side Spoke Tension120kgf +/- 10kgf
*Due to the HyperCamber2's flange design, a typical spoke length calculator will not give accurate lengths. Please see Extralite's spoke length tables.
Product Manuals
HyperCamber2 Owners Manual
Extralite HyperCamber2 Rear Disc Hub 135 QR, Shimano 9/10, 32 Hole, Black/Red $549.00 In Stock
Extralite HyperCamber2 Rear Disc Hub 142x12, Shimano 9/10, 32 Hole, Black/Red $549.00 Notify Me When Available
Extralite HyperCamber2 Rear Disc Hub 142x12, XD, 32 Hole, Black/Black $549.00 Notify Me When Available


The HyperCamber2 is the latest iteration of Extralite's 29- and 27.5-specific rear disc hub. This edition features updated bearings, an improved polyurethane freehub seal, and a "twin life" hub shell that allows the floating clutch to be re-positioned after extreme wear.

The HyperCamber2 rear hub is one of the lightest disc hubs available for larger wheels. While its weight is minimal, its build strength is no slouch. The ultra-large drive side flange offers a 10% gain in spoke bracing angle, which builds a wheel that is very stiff laterally and is stronger than other hub designs. Adding to its strength are four bearings that rest upon its stout 17mm axle. Additional performance benefits include a 36 position engagement freehub body, which can withstand over a half-ton of chain pull. The hub body is 7075TXX aluminum anodized in black with laser-etched logos.

The HyperCamber2 is available in several options; with either a standard 135mm QR axle or a 142x12 axle, and either a Shimano 9/10 freehub or a Sram XD style freehub.


We recommend that wheels with Extralite hubs be built by an experienced wheelbuilder. We are happy to provide this service, and can provide helpful suggestions in rim and spoke selections. Please contact us directly or submit a form for a custom wheelbuild here.


Extralite hubs feature carefully designed rubber o-ring seals and lightweight ratcheting mechanisms which require frequent service to ensure long life and maximum performance. This service is easily performed with simple hand tools. An instruction manual for the HyperRear Disc hub is provided here: http://www.extralite.com/Manuals/HyperRear.pdf

Extralite strongly recommends the use of their Alugrease Super 1 when lubricating the HyperCamber's o-rings, bushings, and drive rings.