Esi Grips, Racer's Edge

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The popularity of our best-selling ESI grips is based on several factors. The most notable would be the excellent comfort, cushioning, and damping these grips provide. Beyond their comfort and performance aspects, as these grips are manufactured from silicone they are longer lasting and upkeep/cleaning is easier. Another advantage to the silicone material is that it doesn't become sticky when exposed to extensive sunlight. Additionally, these grips boast very respectable weights without compromising functionality. The consistency of the material and diameter make them ideal for trimming to shorter lengths where necessary.

The Racer’s Edge version of the ESI Grips features the smallest diameter of all ESI grips at 28mm and is also one of the lightest grips they make at 50 grams for the pair. For those looking a bit more cushioning and/or a little larger diameter grip the ESI Chunky (available here) increases the diameter to 32mm, while those looking for the maximum cushioning and/or largest diameter ESI grip should the check out the ESI Extra Chunky grips (available here).


ESI grips are designed to fit tightly for maximum security and rider safety. To ease installation, we recommend lightly coating the inner diameter of the grip with isopropyl alcohol prior to installation. The alcohol acts as a lubrication that will quickly evaporate once the grip is installed.

Weight50 grams per pair
Length132 mm
Outer Diameter28 mm