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ENVE Titanium Road Skewers

ENVE Titanium Road Skewers
ENVE Titanium Road Skewers
ENVE Titanium Road Skewers

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ENVE Titanium Skewer Specs
Weight 60 grams
Cam travel 2.1mm
Rod material Titanium
Rod Length 158mm rear, 128mm front
Colors Black
ENVE Titanium Road Skewers Titanium Skewers $50.00 In Stock

ENVE Titanium Road Skewer Details

ENVE initially intended these skewers to be sold with their wheels only, but after much demand they've released them as an aftermarket option. Obviously, these skewers are intended for use with ENVE wheels, but they are also a solid standalone quick release option. Their design features aluminum and titanium construction in a simple, lightweight package.

The lever is long and well-shaped, providing ample grip and leverage to ensure your wheels are securely attached to your bike. The simple open cam design features a low friction plastic fitting and a serrated dropout contact for extra security. The skewer’s adjusting nut is likewise serrated, and equipped with a knurled end for added finger grip.

Please note that the cam must be properly aligned to ensure secure closure. Failure to do so may result in an unsafe situation.