Enve SES 5.6 Carbon Clincher Rims


Created in the spirit of the legendary SES 4.5 rims, Enve’s new SES 5.6 series rims have been designed utilizing the latest SES aero technology, resulting in their best road racing rims yet. These next-gen SES rim shaping technologies have allowed Enve to increase rim depth without sacrificing stability; with the SES 5.6 series you are not only getting a faster rim, but also one that is more stable in harsh wind conditions. The SES 5.6 rims feature a depth of 54mm for the front and 63mm for the rear and have been refined for the optimal combination of strength, stiffness, and weight for it’s intended applications: road racing and triathlons.

While at the top-of-the-class when it comes to speed and stability, these rims also feature Enve’s latest full carbon braking track. Through tireless research and development, Enve has been able to set new standards in regards to carbon rim braking; this latest iteration features nearly equal wet and dry performance and a 30% reduction in lever force required for the same stopping power as the previous generation.  These braking improvements were achieved through three design aspects, the first of which is a molded-in brake surface texture that clears water almost instantly and provides increased friction. Secondly, heat build-up problems have been eliminated through Enve’s advanced high-temp resin system, exempting these rims from the overheating issues that some other carbon rims suffer. The final aspect is Enve’s unique black pad compound (pads included with rims), which have been specially designed to work in conjunction with the molded texture of the rims for optimal stopping power regardless of weather conditions.

This clincher version (tubular available here) is road tubeless compatible, riders can easily enjoy the benefits of a tubeless set-up including the ability to run lower tire pressures resulting in greater comfort, increased efficiency, and improved traction without sacrificing speed. Not only does a properly dialed-in tubeless set-up increase comfort and efficiency, but another huge benefit is a greatly reduced risk of flatting; as no tubes are present pinch flats are eliminated, and with the addition of sealant the chance of flatting from a puncture is significantly reduced. Generous rim widths (Front: 29mm external/20mm internal, Rear: 28mm external/20mm internal) not only allow the use of wider tires, but also make tubeless mounting much easier. For most riders, the combination of faster speeds, increased traction, increased comfort, excellent puncture resistance and general ease-of-use make a tubeless set up the ideal choice. There are differing benefits to the 5.6 tubular rims, available here.

These rims include a tubeless kit consisting of tape and tubeless valves, just add a tubeless tire and sealant and you’re ready to go. In addition to the tubeless kit, these rims come with Enve black compound brake pads, and 45mm valve extenders.

Tire Compatibility700c
Tubeless Compatibleyes
Hole Counts20 front, 24 rear
Aero Optimized Tire Size25mm
Clincher Weight
Front 489 grams (claimed)
Rear 513 grams (claimed)
Rim Depth
Front 54 mm
Rear 63 mm
External Width
Front29 mm
Rear28 mm
Internal Width
Front 20 mm
Rear 20 mm
Front548 mm
Rear532 mm
Included Accessoriestubeless kit (tape/tubeless valves), 45mm valve extenders, Enve black compound brake pads
Clincher Rims
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