Enve SES 4.5 Carbon Clincher Rim

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Unquestionably one of the absolute finest carbon fiber component manufacturers in the world, ENVE Composites has made a name for themselves by creating some truly revolutionary parts for the race-minded cyclist. Certainly at the forefront of bicycle aerodynamics, the SMART System by ENVE has redefined the standard by which carbon wheels are judged, and has proven to be one of the best all-around rim profiles available. Through extensive wind tunnel testing, as well as in-depth real world feedback, the SMART system is designed to work seamlessly with both the rider and modern frame shapes to produce ideal aerodynamic characteristics while simultaneously being highly stable in crosswinds.

Hailed to be their stiffest rim to date, the latest iteration in the SMART system rim family brings impressive gains with almost no drawbacks. Introducing the ENVE SMART 4.5 road rims. Marginally heavier than the venerable SMART 3.4, the SMART 4.5 is the ideal carbon road rim for those looking for optimal aerodynamic characteristics over a wide range of conditions and terrain. Similar to other SMART rims, the SMART 4.5 is an asymmetrical rim design with separate profiles for front and rear wheels. Each front rim utilizes a slightly wider and shallower profile than the rear, which through comprehensive research has been found to minimize potential drag at a variety of angles.

Intended for use on nearly every kind of road terrain, the ENVE SMART 4.5 rims are designed to be extremely predictable in heavy crosswinds, and feature a molded texture braking surface to ensure ideal handling and braking characteristics. Utilizing the same tried-and-true molded spoke hole technology used in previous ENVE rims, the SMART 4.5 rims prove to be extremely durable and exceedingly laterally stiff.

Shipping ENVE Internationally

We can no longer ship ENVE products outside of the United States. We apologize if this inconveniences you.

ENVE Rim Comparison

The following table compares ENVE's rim brake models for a quick and easy analysis. For more information follow the link to our product specific page for the rim or Contact Us to get in touch with one of our professional wheel-builders.

ModelDepth (mm) Front/RearWidth (mm) ExternalWidth (mm) InternalWeight (g) Front/Rear
2.2 Tubular 25 / 25 27 / 27 N/A 281 / 281
2.2 Clincher Tubeless 25 / 25 27 / 27 18.5 / 18.5 420 / 420
3.4 Tubular 35 / 45 26 / 24 N/A 377 / 397
3.4 Clincher 35 / 45 26 / 24 18.5 / 16.5 458 / 464
4.5 Tubular 48 / 56 27 / 25.5 N/A 370 / 400
4.5 Clincher 48 / 56 27 / 25.5 18.5 / 17 475 / 489
7.8 Tubular 71 / 80 29 / 27.5 N/A 436 / 468
7.8 Clincher Tubeless 71 / 80 29 / 27.5 19 / 19 541 / 578
Tire Compatibility700c
Clincher Weight
Front (48mm)475 grams
Rear (56mm)489 grams
Front (48mm)27 mm
Rear (56mm)25.5 mm
Front48 mm
Rear56 mm
Front (48mm)563 mm
Rear (56mm)545 mm
Clincher Rims
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