Enve SES 4.5 AR Disc Carbon Tubeless Rim


ENVE has been working hard on expanding their SES platform to meet the needs of riders across multiple disciplines. Expanding their scope into the endurance road market, Enve has developed the 4.5 All Road, an aerodynamic rim set optimized for 28-30 mm wide road tires. These rims are a direct response to the modern evolution of the road bike, with disc brake specific design and wider rim beds for larger tires. Beyond the obvious comfort factor that is afforded by a wider road tire is the increase in traction, which allows more confident handling while allowing riders to really take advantage of the increased stopping power of disc brakes.

As with all of ENVE's SES rims, the front and back rims feature different profiles, optimized to tackle the different wind resistances between the front and rear of the bike. The front rim is .5mm wider and 6mm more shallow improving handling and cutting wind more efficiently. The rear rim, with it's slightly more narrow profile and 55mm depth, decreases pressure drag and smooths out air coming off of the trailing edge.

Shipping ENVE Internationally

We can no longer ship ENVE products outside of the United States. We apologize if this inconveniences you.

Wheel Building

We recommend that wheels built with Enve 4.5 AR rims be assembled by an experienced wheelbuilder. We are happy to provide this service, and can provide helpful suggestions in hub and spoke selections. Please contact us directly.

ENVE Rim Comparison

The following table compares ENVE's disc brake models for a quick and easy analysis. For more information follow the link to our product specific page for the rim or Contact Us to get in touch with one of our professional wheel-builders.

ModelDepth (mm) Front/RearWidth (mm) ExternalWidth (mm) InternalWeight (g) Front/Rear
3.4 Disc Clincher 38 / 42 27.5 / 27.5 21.0 / 21.0 390 / 397
4.5 AR Disc Tubeless 49 / 55 31 / 30.5 25 / 25 440 / 450
4.5 AR Disc Tubular 49 / 55 31 / 30.5 N/A 388 / 396
5.6 Disc Clincher Tubeless 54 / 63 28.75 / 28 19 / 19 450 / 470
5.6 Disc Clincher Tubular 54 / 63 28.75 / 28 N/A 384 / 406
Weight (front/rear)440 / 450 grams
External Width (front/rear)31.0 / 30.5 mm
Internal Width (front/rear)25.0 / 25.0 mm
Depth (front/rear)49 / 55 mm
ERD (front/rear)558 / 547 mm
Tire CompatibilityISO 622
road tubeless
Recommended Tire Width28 mm
Materialcarbon fiber
FinishUD Matte
Brake Compatibilitydisc brake only
Included AccessoriesEnve 4.5 Road Tubeless Kit
Enve 45mm Silca Valve Extenders (non-tubeless)
Enve Brass Internal Spoke Nipples
Tubeless Rims
Clincher Rims
UD Matte
Road Disc