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Enve SES 3.4 Tune Mig / Mag Wheelset

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Product Description

ENVE 3.4 Rim

We get a fair amount of questions regarding the elusive “all around” wheel set. A wheel set that will be good for climbing, flats and the occasional criterium. Obviously there’s no perfect set for everyone but there’s no denying that these ENVE 3.4 clincher wheels have a broad appeal to any discerning velophile. The combination of the SmartENVE System aerodynamics and the weight savings of Tune's 70/170 hubs make this wheelset a choice for anyone looking to perform at their best in a wide variety of conditions. Here in Tucson we haven't found a better wheelset to sprint the Saturday Shootout, then tackle the 7,000 ft climb up Mt. Lemmon on Sunday. The incredible collaboration of work done between ENVE and Simon Smart emphasizes their dedication to developing and improving the science behind cycling. Through countless hours of wind tunnel testing and CFD analysis they have developed their steering metric and created the next generation of stable wheels that is the newest benchmark in bike handling and performance. This is why we've been proud to work with ENVE and the SES system since it's inception in 2011, and why we think they embody the perfect choice when building performance wheelsets for our customers, whether they be local, or on the other side of the globe.

Tune Mig 70 / Mag 170 Hubset

We've been selling, building, and servicing Tune hubs longer than any other company we've worked with. What started as a boutique addition to our internet shop has slowly become our go to lightweight hub for a variety of wheel builds. The very serviceable Mag 170 rear hub features a simplistic three pawl ratchet system combined with an alloy 17mm axle for a total weight of 170g, as the name implies. The Mig 70 shares the same 17mm axle and 6803 bearings as the Mag 170 with a weight of 75g for a total hubset weight of 245g. This makes the Tune Mig / Mag hubset an affordable, reclaimable, serviceable, light weight pairing to the 7.8 rims. The ENVE 7.8 Tune Mig / Mag wheelset is a supremely aerodynamic option for all riders, capable of traversing hilly race courses and all day training rides, while ditching superfluous weight and complexity.

Ceramic Bearing Upgrades for Your Wheelset

If you're looking for every bit of performance from your wheelset ceramic bearings are a detail that should not be overlooked. All Ceramic Bearing upgrades are performed here at Fairwheel Bikes using the highest quality HSC ceramic bearings. A full set of ceramic bearings will save you around 10 grams, but the true performance gains come from the precious watts that are saved over a standard steel bearing.

Sapim CX-Ray Spokes

Last, but not least, Sapim CX-Ray spokes are the go-to spoke for many of the world’s elite wheel manufacturers like Zipp, ENVE, and Reynolds. Due to Sapim’s proprietary forging process, the CX-Ray possesses the benefits of high rigidity and an aerodynamic profile with none of the performance penalties associated with lightweight spokes. In fact, each Sapim CX-Ray spoke has a tensile strength of up to 50% more than a straight gauge spoke and a fatigue life of nearly 3 times as long. That means a more durable wheel that will see you over the mountains and through tough sprints for longer than any other wheel in its class.

Sapim Drive Side CX-Sprint Spoke Option

For our stronger, more powerful riders we oftentimes will lace our rear wheels with CX-Sprint spokes on the drive side. Putting a slightly heavier and stronger spoke on the higher tension drive side better counteracts the increased stresses drive side spokes encounter, creating an overall stiffer and more durable wheel. The CX-Sprint spoke is the "bladed" version of the Sapim Race spoke (1.8mm), while the CX-Ray is a modified Laser spoke (1.5mm). The 20% extra material at the spokes thinnest part is something that lighter riders will not notice but will create a stiffer wheel for those who need it. For the Sapim CX-Sprint upgrade simply contact one of our wheel builders (information below) or add a note into your order with your wheelset.

Custom Wheels

If you're looking for a custom version of this wheelset or want to discuss if this is the right set of wheels for you we are happy to talk. Please contact us directly (Phone: (520) 624-3045, Email: feedback@fairwheelbikes.com) or contact us via email on this form.

Product Specifications

Spoke Type j-bend
Freehub Body Options Shimano Road, Campagnolo, SRAM
Axle Compatibility Quick Release
Warranty Rims: Five Year
Hubs: Two Year
Wheelset Weight
Tubular, g (Front / Rear) 552 / 688
Clincher, g (Front / Rear) 633 / 754
Tubular Rim Specifications
Tire Compatibility Tubular
(25mm recommended width)
Weight, grams (Front / Rear) 377 / 398
Drilling 20 / 24
Depth, mm (Front / Rear) 71 / 80
External Width, mm (Front / Rear) 29 / 27.5
Clincher Rim Specifications
Tire Compatibility Clincher (25mm recommended width)
The ENVE 3.4 rim is not tubeless compatible.
Weight, grams (Front / Rear) 458 / 464
Drilling (Front / Rear) 20 / 24
Depth, mm (Front / Rear) 35 / 45
External Width, mm (Front / Rear) 26 / 24
Internal Width (Front / Rear) 18.5 / 16.5

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