Enve SES 2.2 Carbon Tubular Rim

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ENVE is at it again. Pushing the envelope in rim technology, ENVE has systematically released rims that are stiffer, lighter, more aerodynamic and packed with the latest technology on the market. Through their dedication to research and development, ENVE has become an industry leader in aerodynamic rim manufacturing and maintains this status through extensive wind tunnel and real world testing. Through a combination of feedback from the world's top athletes and constant refinement, ENVE has continually proven themselves as arguably the finest carbon component manufacturer in the world.

Since the end of 2010, ENVE’s collaboration with Simon Smart has produced a lot of buzz in the cycling community, and the new 2.2 rim is no different. Unlike previous generations of Smart System wheels, the new 2.2 rims feature the same profile front and rear in an effort to make the wheelset as lightweight as possible, while still maintaining an aerodynamic profile and confidence inspiring stability. Designed to be the absolute pinnacle of climbing wheelsets, the ENVE 2.2 has been sculpted into a new profile, while simultaneously utilizing a proprietary molded brake track that boasts an improved braking performance of 30% over previous generations in both dry and wet weather conditions. With a boost in braking performance and predictability, the ENVE 2.2 rims give any rider the confidence they need to descend aggressively. The rim bed has been strengthened with a 3k carbon weave which will resist delamination when removing tires. This change is purely structural as it will be hidden under the tire. The rims maintain the classic ENVE unidirectional carbon style and minimalist decals that exude the subtle elegance ENVE is known for.

Like all ENVE rims, the new SES 2.2 system are built with their proprietary molded spoke holes for increased durability. Allowing for higher spoke tension, this process greatly improves overall wheel stiffness and uniform spoke tension throughout the build, resulting in a greatly extended wheel life span.

It is extremely important to use ENVE specific brake pads with any of their rims, failure to do so will void the manufacturer’s warranty. Each rim is supplied with a pair of ENVE specific brake pads that are designed for ideal performance with their new braking surface.

ENVE Rim Comparison

The following table compares ENVE's rim brake models for a quick and easy analysis. For more information follow the link to our product specific page for the rim or Contact Us to get in touch with one of our professional wheel-builders.

ModelDepth (mm) Front/RearWidth (mm) ExternalWidth (mm) InternalWeight (g) Front/Rear
2.2 Tubular 25 / 25 27 / 27 N/A 281 / 281
2.2 Clincher Tubeless 25 / 25 27 / 27 18.5 / 18.5 420 / 420
3.4 Tubular 35 / 45 26 / 24 N/A 377 / 397
3.4 Clincher 35 / 45 26 / 24 18.5 / 16.5 458 / 464
4.5 Tubular 48 / 56 27 / 25.5 N/A 370 / 400
4.5 Clincher 48 / 56 27 / 25.5 18.5 / 17 475 / 489
7.8 Tubular 71 / 80 29 / 27.5 N/A 436 / 468
7.8 Clincher Tubeless 71 / 80 29 / 27.5 19 / 19 541 / 578
Weight 285 grams
Internal Rim Width 18.5mm
External Rim Width 27mm
Rim Depth25mm
Available Drillings 20, 24 Hole
Tire Compatibility Tubular 700c 25c
Tubular Rims
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