Enve SES 2.2 Carbon Clincher Rim

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Often touted as the absolute pinnacle of carbon fiber manufacturing, ENVE Composites is responsible for some of the finest performance tuned carbon components on the market. Often pushing the envelope for what is believed to be possible, ENVE never ceases to impress the cycling community with each of their genius products.

With the 2.2 clincher rim Enve has created the climbers dream wheel. Determined to attain the most accurate data figures these rims have been tested in frame at the Mercedes GP-Petronas wind tunnel, indicating the lengths Enve will go to create the best product possible. Light and responsive with an aerodynamic profile these rims will inspire confidence in every situation. Featuring Enve's new molded brake track to boost braking performance by up to 30% these wheels will inspire confidence on every descent and sprint up the steepest hills. Focused Solely on climbing Enve crafted each rim with the same profile in a bid to shave every non essential gram. Developed for use with a 25mm tire these rims are tubeless compatible for maximum ride performance. With the predisposition for climbing, descending became just as important to the equation. The newest generation of molded brake track performs better under wet or dry conditions and paired with Enve's newest generation of brake pads achieves a significant performance increase over the old version. If you are looking for a wheel that is light enough to climb all day with characteristic Enve quality and reliability then the 2.2 SES rims are the perfect choice.

It is extremely important to use ENVE specific brake pads with any of their rims, failure to do so will void the manufacturer’s warranty. Each rim is supplied with a pair of ENVE specific brake pads that are designed for ideal performance with their new braking surface.

ENVE Rim Comparison

The following table compares ENVE's rim brake models for a quick and easy analysis. For more information follow the link to our product specific page for the rim or Contact Us to get in touch with one of our professional wheel-builders.

ModelDepth (mm) Front/RearWidth (mm) ExternalWidth (mm) InternalWeight (g) Front/Rear
2.2 Tubular 25 / 25 27 / 27 N/A 281 / 281
2.2 Clincher Tubeless 25 / 25 27 / 27 18.5 / 18.5 420 / 420
3.4 Tubular 35 / 45 26 / 24 N/A 377 / 397
3.4 Clincher 35 / 45 26 / 24 18.5 / 16.5 458 / 464
4.5 Tubular 48 / 56 27 / 25.5 N/A 370 / 400
4.5 Clincher 48 / 56 27 / 25.5 18.5 / 17 475 / 489
7.8 Tubular 71 / 80 29 / 27.5 N/A 436 / 468
7.8 Clincher Tubeless 71 / 80 29 / 27.5 19 / 19 541 / 578
Weight420 grams
Internal Rim Width18.5mm
Extrenal Rim Width27mm
Rim Depth25mm
Tire Compatibility700c clincher
Recommended Tire Size25mm
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