Enve Road Tubeless Kit


These complete tubeless kits are original replacements for Enve's series of road tubeless rims. Each kit includes two appropriate length removable-core tubeless valves and a roll of tubeless tape with ample length for taping two rims (Road rims will require two layers of tape on each rim).

KitTape WidthValve Length
SES 2.225 / 28 mm47 mm
SES 3.4/Disc25 mm59 mm, 61 mm
SES 3.4 AR29 mm60 mm, 62 mm
SES 4.5 AR29 mm66 mm, 72 mm
SES 5.625 mm72 mm, 79 mm
SES 7.825 mm85 mm, 95 mm
Tubeless Kit