Enve Road Disc Fork


Enve is a company comprised of a dynamic group of highly skilled individuals; engineers, risk takers, and innovators who are also riders driven by their passion for cycling.  Partnering with the world’s best athletes and the industry's most highly regarded frame builders, Enve’s industry leading technology is pushed even farther through extensive testing and feedback.  In their pursuit of providing riders the ultimate in lightness, stiffness, and durability, absolutely no compromises are made.  With cutting-edge manufacturing and materials, strategic partnering with world class athletes and builders, and it’s “no compromises” policy, ENVE delivers some of the best products available.

The ENVE road disc fork is a perfect example of the company’s perfectionist approach.  While the original ENVE road fork has gained a well-deserved reputation as one of the best carbon road forks available, ENVE has been quick to respond as road riding preferences have shifted toward disc brakes and higher volume tires.  The ENVE Road Disc Fork retains the legendary ride characteristics of their original road fork, while having all of the provisions and design attributes to accommodate modern road disc set-ups.  From steerer to drop-outs the fork features one-piece construction, a process developed specifically to allow the fork to handle the demands of disc brake forces and rough terrain.  Featuring the 12 x 100mm road thru axle standard, disc brake mounts, and clearance for 32mm tires, the ENVE Road Disc Fork is ready to tackle your next mixed terrain road ride.  With finishing touches such as subtle black logos and svelte internal brake hose routing, this fork looks both modern and technically advanced while still being subtle and “under the radar”.

Each ENVE fork purchase includes a high quality aluminum expander plug and ENVE-branded carbon top cap.

We currently stock three versions of the ENVE Road Disc Fork, both thru axle versions are the most current style, matching all details described above.  We also stock the 100mm quick release version, which is a legacy model and some details differ from the thru axle versions.  Please see below for full descriptions of each variation.

ENVE Speed Release Fork

Bringing back quick tool-free wheel changes with disc brakes and thru axles may seem like an impossibility, but ENVE paired their fork with Mavic's Speed Release thru axle to do just that.  With precise cutouts and an ergonomic lever, tool free wheel changes are quick and intuitive.  The security and stiffness of a thru axle in conjunction with the speed and ease of a quick release makes this fork the best of all worlds.  This version is compatible with 12 x 100mm thru axle road wheels, has clearance for tires up to 32mm, and can accept rotor sizes up to 160mm.  Specifications include: 1-1/8" to 1-1/4" taper, 43mm rake, 370mm axle to crown distance, 350mm steerer tube (uncut), flat caliper mounts, and 140-160mm rotor compatibility.  With an uncut steerer and thru axle installed, this fork weighs in at just 451 grams.  1 x Speed release thru axle, 1 x top cap, and 1 x compression plug are included with the fork.

ENVE Standard Thru Axle Fork

For those who prefer a non-speed release version of this fork, ENVE has got you covered.  The standard thru axle Enve Road Disc Fork features a thru axle with a flat bolt head tool interface requiring a 6mm allen wrench for axle/wheel removal.  This version has all of the functional and aesthetic features of the Speed Release version: 1 1/8” - 1 1/4” taper, 43mm rake, 370mm axle to crown distance, 350mm uncut steerer tube length, flat caliper mounts, and compatibility with 140-160mm rotors.  Weighing in at 443 grams with the steerer tube uncut and thru axle installed, this is the lightest version of the ENVE Road Disc Fork.  This version of the fork includes 1 x thru axle, 1 x top cap, and 1 x compression plug.

ENVE 2.0 Quick Release fork

We still have some remaining stock of the 100mm quick release version of this fork.  This fork has some functional and aesthetic differences from the thru axle versions.  The QR version of this fork features a 1 1/8” to 1 1/2” taper, 43mm rake, 370mm axle to crown distance, 350mm steerer (uncut), post style brake caliper mounts, max rotor size of 160mm, and compatibility with tires up to 25mm (some 28mm tires will fit).  The main aesthetic differences are that this fork features white ENVE logos and the brake hose is routed externally.  An ENVE top cap and compression plug are included.  Weight for the quick release version of this fork (with uncut steerer and no axle installed) is 452 grams.


Specific knowledge and specialized tools are required to correctly size and install a carbon fork. For these reasons, we highly recommend that these services be performed by an experienced and competent mechanic.

Weight, Uncut443 grams (TA Flat Mount)
451 grams (Speed Release TA)
Wheel Size700c
Tire Clearance25mm (QR)
32mm (TA)
Brake MountFlat Mount (TA)
Axle Compatibility12mm Thru Axle
Maximum Tire Clearance28 mm(QR)
Maximum Rotor Diameter/td>160 mm
Steerer Tube Length350 mm
Rake43 mm
50 mm
Axle to Crown370 mm
FinishUD Matte
Road Disc Fork
UD Matte
Road Disc Brake