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Weight, with Fender711 grams
Weight, with Clasps686 grams
Materialcarbon fiber
Axle to Crown, 44 rake470 mm
Axle to Crown, 52 rake474 mm
Steerer1.125" - 1.5" tapered
Rotor Size160 / 180 mm
Wheel Size29er
Max Tire Size88 mm (3.46")
AxleENVE 15 mm thru
ENVE MTN Fork MTN Fork $625.00 Notify Me When Available


ENVE Compostites, the indisputable world leader in carbon component design and production has made a name for themselves by creating some of the finest parts available for your bike. For the last 7 years the public has been pleading with ENVE to indulge the luddite crowd and release a rigid mountain bike fork. With a reputation backed by a myriad of incredible products its no wonder why the MTB world drools over the idea of an ENVE Mountain fork.

The day has finally come for rigid mountain bikers everywhere. May we introduce the ENVE MTN carbon fork. Suspension corrected, and designed to be compatible with 15 mm thru 29er wheels, the MTN fork comes with an impressive list of features. The most obvious feature is the removable carbon mini fender that neatly tucks between the tire and fork crown in a deceptively handsome way. Just underneath the fender is the elegant hydraulic line guide, complete with an integrated retention clip. The feature that really sets the ENVE MTN fork apart from other options on the market is the use of what they call “Axle Flip Chips”. The chips enable the user to fine tune the front end geometry of their bike with one simple adjustment. By flipping the “Chips”, the rake of the fork and axle to crown length can be changed between 44 mm rake with 470 mm of offset and 52 mm rake with 472 mm of offset. This way the rigid fork can be perfectly matched with the geometry of the frame, resulting it quite possibly the best aftermarket rigid fork option available.

Similar to all other ENVE forks, the MTN is constructed of fibers that run from the very top of the steer tube all the way down to the dropouts. This results in a fork that is compliant where it should be and rigid where is has to be while simultaneously shaving precious grams.


Specific knowledge and specialized tools are required to correctly size and install a carbon fork. For these reasons, we highly recommend that these services be performed by an experienced and competent mechanic.