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ENVE M-Series 29er Rim

ENVE M-Series 29er Rim
M-Series Specifications
Tire CompatibilityUST Tubeless
Comes WithNipples
Valve Stem
Tubeless Rim Strip
Weight330 grams
Depth28 mm
Outer Width27 mm
Inner Width21 mm
Tire Size1.9-2.25"
Weight397 grams
Depth32 mm
Outer Width29 mm
Inner Width23 mm
Tire Size2.1-2.4"
Weight481 grams
Depth34 mm
Outer Width32 mm
Inner Width25 mm
Tire Size2.3-2.4"
Product Manuals
Link to Enve Tubeless Setup Video
Full Enve Owners Manual
ENVE M-Series 29er Rim 50Fifty, 28 hole $999.00 Notify Me When Available
ENVE M-Series 29er Rim 60Forty, 28 hole  Contact Us For More Information
ENVE M-Series 29er Rim 60Forty, 32 hole $999.00 In Stock
ENVE M-Series 29er Rim 70Thirty, 28 hole  Contact Us For More Information
ENVE M-Series 29er Rim 70Thirty, 32 hole  Contact Us For More Information


In the last few years ENVE Composites has become the standard by which the worth of all other carbon cycling components are weighed against, and it seems that few can compare. In the same spirit of creating an exceptional product that withstands the needs and abuse of not just pros, but amateurs alike, Fair Wheel Bikes is proud to introduce the latest iteration of mountain bike technology, the ENVE M Series.

Designed to accommodate the precise style of each individual rider, ENVE has created 4 specific classes of rims that appeal to 4 totally different styles of riding. Each model is given a name that represents the ratio between ascending vs. descending that each rim was designed to ideally accommodate. What this amounts to is a rim profile that is optimized for a range of tire sizes that are specific to the intended riding style, thus resulting in desirable handling characteristics.

All the ability to dial in your ride experience comes at no performance penalty. In fact, each rim in the M Series is lighter, stiffer, and more durable than their comparable predecessors due to improved rim shape, and differing laminates for each style of rim.

Beadless Tire Retention

By eliminating the "hooked" sidewall from the rim, ENVE was able to create a more reliable tire interface. By insuring a more precise fit, riders are able to run lower tire pressures safely and with confidence. According to ENVE, the new interface is stronger and less prone to burping and pinch flats.

M-Series 50Fifty

ENVE's cross country specific rim designed to get you through long hours and rough terrain on race day. Defined by vertical compliance and its ability to reduce rider fatigue. For the race minded individual who is climbing as often as they are descending.

M-Series 60Forty

This could be considered ENVE's "all a rounder" rim for nearly any avid mountain biker. However that's just an over generalization due to its ability to excel in many different kinds of terrain. Due to it's low weight and unprecedented durability, this is a perfect enduro, trail, or XC setup for almost any rider, pro or otherwise. As the name entails, the expected rider "ascending vs. climbing ratio" is 60 / 40, or 60% descending, with 40% climbing.

M-Series 70Thirty

For the Downhill enthusiast that realizes that climbing must be part of descending. Be it a short ascent from the parking lot to your favorite buttery flow line, or from the bottom of the mountain, back to the car. ENVE has heard your prayers and designed the M70 with similar features as the pure downhill version M90, with the acknowledgment that many of us have to pedal to the trail first. The M70/Thirty is designed for those descending 70% of the time, while 30% is spent on the climb back up.