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ENVE M-Series 27.5 Rim

ENVE M-Series 27.5 Rim
M-Series Specifications
Tire CompatibilityUST Tubeless
Valve Stem
Tubeless Rim Strip
Depth32 mm
Outer Width29 mm
Inner Width23 mm
Tire Size2.1-2.4"
Depth34 mm
Outer Width32 mm
Inner Width25 mm
Tire Size2.3-2.4"
Product Manuals
Link to Enve Tubeless Setup Video
Full Enve Owners Manual
ENVE M-Series 27.5 Rim 60Forty, 28 hole  Contact Us For More Information
ENVE M-Series 27.5 Rim 60Fotry, 32 Holes $999.00 In Stock
ENVE M-Series 27.5 Rim 70Thirty, 28 hole  Contact Us For More Information
ENVE M-Series 27.5 Rim 70Thirty, 32 hole  Contact Us For More Information


Over the last few years ENVE has continued to develop new components and expand and improve upon their existing product line. This has pushed them to the front of a very exclusive group of carbon component manufacturers. This is why we, at Fairwheel Bikes, are very proud to have been working with them for the years since their inception. Now we're happy to introduce their new M-series rims, as big a step forward for mountain bike rims as the SES series was for road rims.

With four different models ENVE has fine tuned each rims profile and the carbon layup to tailor a rims ride for different riding styles. A big part of this is to optimize the rims interface with the tires intended for various disciplines. Each rim is named by the importance of descending vs ascending and the amount of each that you do on a daily ride. The rim then comes with a tire size specification to work best with the width and vertical compliance of the rim.

All the ability to dial in your ride experience increases your performance in regards to your wheel setup. Each rim in the M Series is lighter, stiffer, more durable than their comparable predecessors due to improved rim shape, and differing laminates for each style of rim.

Beadless Tire Retention

The most notable difference looking at the new rims is going to be the lack of a hook for the tire / rim interface. The lack of a bead hook does nothing to weaken the tire / rim interface and eliminates the thin section of carbon below the hook that was a weak point for the rim. Stricter tire tolerances and ENVE's high standard for manufacturing tolerances brings real world benefits to the high performance mountain bike.

M-Series 50Fifty

The 50Fifty is ENVE's replacement for the XC rim. The smallest and lightest rim in the M-Series lineup is intended for true cross country riders, those that spend just as much time climbing as descending and want to push both aspects of every ride. The 50Fifty will flow over rough terrain while you maintain power to the pedals and the compliance will absorb shock minimizing fatigue.

M-Series 60Forty

The 60Forty is going to be ENVE's new all around trail slayer. Designed for tires measuring from 2.1-2.4" the rim provides you with the platform to roll over the unexpected while maintaining speed and control. The wider platform will ensure your tires stays in contact with steep climbing terrain while minimizing any weight penalty. The 60Forty might also be a great choice for rigid or hard tail bikes where the extra air volume will be welcome.

M-Series 70Thirty

The 70Thirty is designed for those who want to save a bit of weight on their downhill bikes or are building up a 26" dirt jumper. This rim will put up with all but the biggest of drop ins and the roughest of rock gardens. Designed for 2.3-2.4" tires this rim gives you the extra footprint to really hook up with all terrain types.