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ENVE M-Series 26 Rim

ENVE M-Series 26 Rim
Tire CompatibilityUST Tubeless
Valve Stem
Tubeless Rim Strip
Weight433 grams
Depth34 mm
Outer Width32 mm
Inner Width25 mm
Tire Size2.3-2.4"
Weight487 grams
Depth34 mm
Outer Width34 mm
Inner Width25 mm
Tire Size2.4-2.7"
Product Manuals
Link to Enve Tubeless Setup Video
Full Enve Owners Manual
ENVE M-Series 26 Rim 70Thirty, 28 hole  Contact Us For More Information
ENVE M-Series 26 Rim 70Thirty, 32 hole  Contact Us For More Information
ENVE M-Series 26 Rim 90Ten, 32 hole  Contact Us For More Information


Lately, ENVE Composites has become the yard stick by which the worth of all other carbon component manufacturers are measured against, and it appears that very few can compare. Starting from the same idea of creating a product that surpasses the desires and requirements of amateurs and pros alike, Fair Wheel Bikes is excited to introduce the latest evolution of mountain bike technology, the ENVE M-Series.

Designed to fit with the exact style of each individual rider, ENVE has created 4 different styles of rims that excel in 4 totally different types of riding. Each model is christened with a name that is represented by the percentage of descending vs. ascending that each rim was designed to ideally accommodate. What this means, is the rim profile is perfected for a range of tire sizes that are designed for the intended riding style, thus resulting in optimal handling characteristics.

The ability to dial in your ride characteristics comes at no penalty to performance. In reality, each rim in the M-Series is stiffer, more durable, and even lighter than their commensurate predecessors due to an advanced rim profile, and alternate laminates for each style of rim.

Beadless Tire Retention

By doing away with the "hooked" profile on the sidewall of the rim, ENVE had the ability to create a more sound tire interface. By guaranteeing a more accurate fit, riders can ride with lower tire pressures safely and with confidence. According to ENVE, the M-Series interface is more durable and less likely to burp or cause pinch flats.

M-Series 70Thirty

For the Downhill riders that realize climbing is an essential part of descending. Be it a short climb from the trail head to your favorite smooth flow line, or from the bottom of the trail, back to the parking lot. ENVE has answered your prayers and produced the 70Thirty with comparable features to the pure downhill 90Ten, with the recognition that most of us have to pedal ourselves to the trail first. The 70Thirty is built for those who find themselves descending 70% of the time, while the other 30% is spent on the climb back up.

M-Series 90Ten

ENVE's thoroughbred downhill monster. Equipped to withstand practically all the abuse any human on earth could dish out, this is the stiffest and strongest wheel ENVE has ever made. Proven by multiple world cup podiums and world championships. For the rider who rarely finds themselves climbing, but dishes out the abuse while descending.