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Enve M60 Fourty 29 Carbon Rim

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Product Description

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Ever since their creation enve has continually improved and refined their product lines. Each new generation has been accompanied by a slew of new technology and improved quality control. Each successive installment shows how dedicated Enve is to staying at the forefront of carbon component manufacturing. This is one of the reasons why we here at Fairwheel Bikes are proud to have been working with them since their initiation into the bike industry. Like each of Enve’s products the new M-series rims bring a plethora of technology and performance to the table. The M-series rims represent the culmination of many years experience and Enve’s exquisite manufacturing technique. Like the SES series rims for road riders, M-series is a game changer for those who demand the utmost performance from their equipment.

With four classes of rims focused specifically on intended disciplines Enve has tuned each setup to maximize performance while minimizing weight. Through variations in rim profile and carbon layup each rim is tailored to its individual riding style. Named in accordance with the importance or descending vs ascending and the ratio of how much is expected on each ride. The more strenuous the riding conditions proportionally higher series rim should be selected. Enve also has a recommended range for tire width that will best accompany the rims width and vertical compliance.

With more customization comes better performance. The ability to select the ideal wheel for your riding style improves efficiency and makes every ride more enjoyable. Compared to previous generations each M-series rim is lighter, stiffer, and more durable than their predecessors. This translates to a rim that is more predictable, stable, and dependable thanks to its unique profile and layup process. Thanks to Enve’s tireless improvements, the pinnacle or carbon rim technology is available to every rider.

Hookless Tire Retention

The most apparent change besides the new decals is the removal of the traditional hook found on virtually every cycling rim for the last 40 years. The lack of a hook is actually a great improvement in many ways. With the tightening of manufacturing tolerances across the board in cycling components rim manufacturers have been able to greatly improve the tire/rim mating surfaces. Since hookless rims are built to an inherently higher tolerance they have a more secure tire/rim interface than previous “hooked” generations. Another added benefit is that since there is no material removed to create the hook the rim becomes inherently more impact resistant. With the tightening of tire manufacturing tolerances and Enve’s stringent manufacturing process we see the real world benefits their investment in high performance cycling.

M-Series 60Forty

The new 60Forty M-series rims are the do-it-all workhorse in your stable. Featuring the perfect balance of weight, durability, and stiffness for cross country racing and trail riding. Designed for versatility the 60Forty rims have all the characteristics of an all mountain wheel paired with the weight of an XC race rim. Intended for tires measuring from 2.1-2.4” and bikes with 105-150mm of travel these rims allow you to traverse mountains while maintaining speed and control. The wider platform provides higher volumes and thus a larger footprint translating into better traction while cornering climbing and descending. While ideal for dual suspension trail bikes the 60Forty will also pair perfectly with hardtail frames. The extra volume will allow riders to run lower pressures providing a bit of suspension and improving handling.

If you have any questions please Contact us or visit Enve’s website for a guide on choosing the perfect rims for your application.

Product Specifications

Tire CompatibilityUST Tubeless
Valve Stem
Tubeless Rim Strip
Depth32 mm
Outer Width29 mm
Inner Width23 mm
Recommended Tire Size2.1-2.4"
Recommended Travel105-150mm

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