Enve Gravel Carbon Handlebar



To address the rise in popularity of gravel and adventure road cycling, ENVE has drawn from their extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of top tier carbon road and mountain components to proudly introduce their “road fast, mountain tough” G Series.  With their G Series Gravel Handlebar, ENVE's commitment to the gravel/adventure discipline is clear.  Not satisfied with simply appropriating their current road bars into the gravel series, this bar was designed and built from the ground up to greatly improve the off-road drop bar experience.  Whether tackling steep rock descents at your next gravel race or exploring new territory in your own backyard, ENVE’s performance driven G Series Gravel Bar provides the comfort, control, and position options to maximize your off-road experience. 

Many facets of the bar design combine to contribute to it's off-road prowess.  For starters, instead of simply adding a flare to the drops, the G Series bars feature a compound bend in which the drop flattens out as the bend progresses.  While the compound flare may seem like a small detail, it makes a huge difference in ride quality; many flared bars do not have a secondary bend to flatten out the drops, resulting in cyclists feeling as if they are slipping off the bars while in the drop position.  Enve has eliminated this effect with their compound flare, giving the rider a flat, slip-free perch on the drops.  The attention to detail found in the drop shape is exemplary of the overall focus on the bar’s ergonomic shaping.  Only the clamping zones of the bars are round, leaving the rest of the bar ergonomically shaped to maximize hand comfort.  The wide bar tops are an ideal shape for a super-comfortable grip, while the drops provide two full purchase hand positions.

ENVE’s expertise in carbon laminate has allowed them to refine and tune the G Series bars specifically for gravel riding.  The laminate has been refined for ideal vibration absorption while also providing the perfect amount of dampening flex in order to reduce fatigue while increasing control and confidence over tough terrain.  To take it a step further, each bar size has a specifically tuned laminate, ensuring the ride quality is matched for both larger and smaller cyclists.

Taking cues from their mountain bar designs, ENVE has made these bars wide for increased control and comfort (available in widths ranging from 42cm to 48cm measured center to center in the hoods).  This is coupled with the ergonomic features rooted in their road bar designs that provide comfort throughout long days in the saddle.  The G Series ENVE gravel bar is available in 4 widths (42 cm, 44 cm, 46 cm, 48 cm) measured center to center at the hoods (coinciding center to center measurements at the drops are 54 cm, 56 cm, 58 cm, and 60 cm).  These bars feature a 120 mm drop, an 80 mm reach, and a 31.8 mm clamp diameter.  Other features include a UD matte black finish with grey logos, textured clamping zones, and provisions for internally routing Di2 cables (including the newer Shimano bar end Di2 junction box). With all of its unique features, ENVE has been able to keep the weights low (246 grams/42 cm). A premium gravel bar with no detail overlooked, the ENVE G Series handlebar is one of the finest available.

Width (at Hoods (C-C))WeightReachDropWidth at Drops (C-C)
42 cm~250 grams80 mm120 mm54 cm
44 cm~255 grams80 mm120 mm56 cm
46 cm~265 grams80 mm120 mm58 cm
48 cm~279 grams80 mm120 mm60 cm
Materialcarbon fiber
Stem Clamp Diameter31.8 mm
Clamp Area Width48 mm
Internal Di2 routing compatibleYes
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UD Matte