Enve Carbon Compact Di2 Road Handlebar


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Currently, Enve's Carbon Compact Road handlebar is available in two slightly different variations.  This version is the updated 2019 version of the bar, which features the addition of two Di2 drill-outs.  These drill holes, one on each side of the bars, allows for cleaner and easier installation of Shimano's newer internal bar-end Di2 A-Junction Box and associated Di2 wires.  If your set-up does not include the internal bar-end A-Junction and/or you would rather have the non-drilled version, it is available here

Enve's compact carbon road handlebar is equipped with many of the same thoughtful design features as their standard road handlebar, but in a slightly smaller package. Compared to the standard Enve Road Carbon Handlebar, the compact bar has a 6 mm shorter reach and a 17 mm shallower drop. The resulting geometry is useful for a multitude of riding styles and disciplines; from sprinters to cyclocross riders, or those who simply prefer more usable and/or comfortable riding positions.  The increase in usable positions is a direct result of the handlebar's shorter reach and shallower drop, which allows riders to more comfortably access controls from various riding positions, eliminating over-reaching and/or uncomfortable contortions.  

Enve's Compact Road Handlebar focuses on strength and comfort (while also remaining very light), and is equipped with several innovative design features. The bar is grooved on the underside for easy cable routing, features a semi-flat perch on the bar-tops, and a subtle ergonomic bend.  In addition to the housing groove for external routing, this updated version includes drill-holes for internal Di2 wire routing and installation of the bar-end Shimano A-Junction.  Additionally, Enve makes use of textured non-slip sections at the stem and lever mounting positions, strengthening the clamping force within the prescribed torque limits. This bar also features integrated rubber bar end plugs that effectively prevent bar tape from unraveling while giving the bar ends a very clean appearance.  It is important to note that it is necessary to remove these integrated bar-plugs for installation of the bar-end Di2 junction box; the tapered section of the bar ends must be cut-off in order to install this style of junction box, Enve has provided visual cut lines on the bar to eliminate guesswork and make the process extremely easy and straightforward.  

The Enve Carbon Compact Di2 Road Handlebar features a unidirectional matte black finish, a 127 mm drop, a 79 mm reach, and is available in sizes 40 cm, 42 cm, and 44 cm (measured center to center).  

Clip On Aero Bars

All Enve handlebars are clip on compatible as long as all clamping is done within the 105 mm wide clamp area. Make sure that the outer edge of your clip-on aero bar is no more than 52.5 mm from center.

Shipping ENVE Internationally

We can no longer ship ENVE products outside of the United States. We apologize for any inconvenience.  

Width (at Hoods (C-C))WeightReachDropWidth at Drops (C-C)
38 cm~220 grams79 mm127 mm40 cm
40 cm~223 grams79 mm127 mm42 cm
42 cm~226 grams79 mm127 mm44 cm
44 cm~235 grams79 mm127 mm46 cm
MaterialCarbon Fiber
FinishBlack / Unidirectional Matte
Stem Clamp Diameter31.8 mm
Clamp Area Width105 mm
Internal Di2 routing compatibleYes
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