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ENVE 25mm Offset Carbon Seatpost

ENVE 25mm Offset Carbon Seatpost
ENVE 25mm Offset Carbon Seatpost
ENVE 25mm Offset Carbon Seatpost
ENVE 25mm Offset Carbon Seatpost
ENVE 25mm Offset Carbon Seatpost
Weight195 grams
Available Diameters27.2, 30.9, 31.6 mm
Full Length400 mm
Minimum Insertion70 mm
Max Torque8 - 10 Nm
Rail Compatibilityround
Recommended Useroad, cyclocross, mountain
*With included adapter
ENVE 25mm Offset Carbon Seatpost 31.6mm $275.00
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ENVE 25mm Offset Carbon Seatpost 7mm x 10mm Rail Adapter $25.00 Notify Me When Available


With their dozens of years of combined industry experience, the folks at ENVE certainly have the ability and know-how to fabricate extremely lightweight carbon fiber components. Instead, they've chosen a more sensible path, imagining a product line that is both durable and attractive. With respectable finished weights and little restriction on rider size and usage, ENVE products are at home on a wide variety of bicycles.

These 25 mm setback seatposts are a perfect example of ENVE's design sensibility. Unlike most other setback carbon posts, the ENVE post's head piece gently sweeps back, eliminating sharp lines and transitions. The one-piece construction is performed by wrapping sheets of carbon prepreg sheets around a mandrel, resulting in a higher strength-to-weight ratio than is available in pultruded tubes. As a result of this high strength construction, the ENVE carbon seat post is at home both on the road and on the trail. The rail clamp bracket is subtly ingenious; a wedge-style clamp is seated within a round socket with a simple single-bolt design, allowing both infinite angle adjustment and generous fore/aft adjustment in a single action. The seatpost's minimalist finish features unidirectional carbon with an eggshell sheen provides an elegant finish with bold printed logos.

ENVE's seatposts come equipped with saddle rail clamps designed for 7 mm round rails. Included with each seatpost is an additional set of clamp adapters designed for 7x10 mm oval carbon fiber rails.

Ordering and International Shipping

We can no longer ship ENVE products outside of the United States. We apologize if this inconveniences you.